Wednesday, January 6, 2016

2016 Reading Challenge! Join us today

I have decided to host my own Reading Challenge this year, I would love for you to join me.  

Where do you sign up? HERE! Just comment below, tell us you're in.  You are free to post a list of "want to read" this year or just wing it.   I will post an update post at the beginning of the month for the previous month for you to post updates as you read books throughout 2016.

Bloggers are welcome to do posts on their blogs with their lists, updates etc. Feel free to take the graphic at the top of this post and link back to this thread.

*What is your total goal for the year?

» Paranormal Romance
» Mystery
» Young Adult 
» Military (Romance)
» Time-Travel (Romance)
» Historical Romance 
» Steampunk/Gothic
» Horror/Thriller
» Anthology

*Feel free to add your own categories as well if you wish to break down your TBR list.

My goal for the year is 120 books.  I have a huge TBR pile going on, but there are no Horror/Thriller books in my future!!!