Monday, April 15, 2013

Review: Finding Never by C.M. Stunich

C.M. Stunich


Never Ross and Ty McCabe have come a long way – but they can't stop now. Their pasts are still there, ready to sweep over and consume them if they don't confront them. A visit to Never's family seems like the first logical step, but will it make things better or worse? And what about Noah Scott? Ty is Never's tortured other half, but can he also be the healing balm that she so desperately needs? With McCabe's past still a virtual unknown, Never is going to have to make more than one decision capable of breaking both their hearts.

"Ty has changed; I have changed, and things are not always what they seem.

My Review:

 I was very happy to get this book,  I wanted to find out more about this couple.  I was not disappointed at all. (except the cliff hanger at the end!!)  If you read and loved book one, you have to read book two and of course we have to read book 3 to find out how it all ends.
Never (and Ty) went home, to clear the air with her family and make amends.  She does this to heal herself, and she learns so much about how they all felt when she left.  She bonds and learns what has happened in the 5 years she's been gone, and they learn about her.  Ty has let slip tiny pieces of his past.

This was better than the first book, in my opinion.  I loved reading the new developments. And lots of surprises thrown in.  Excellent read!


  1. I have yet to read this even though I bought it on release day. It just seems like so many other books get in the way. I loved the first book and you say this one is better!

    1. Adrienne, you have to read it. I knew you bought it, and I can't wait for your opinion.

  2. Okay I need to finish Seduced in the Dark then I'll read it! I'll come back and let you know what I think.