Friday, April 5, 2013

Sorry I've been absent.

As you know, I have been very absent lately well there have been lots of reasons and I will explain and hopefully I will be back to blogging more now.  First back in Febuary, my dear grandmother passed away, no more suffering from Parkinson's for her.  She has joined my loving grandfather in heaven after 8 years apart.  We buried her on Valentine's day.
Next, I have been babysitting an 18 month old little boy for a family friend for the past two months.  So now with 2 toddlers running around all day long, blogging has been pushed back!  These two munchkins sure keep me busy.
And of course, finally, the new house!
We closed on the house at the beginning of March, but we had some TLC to do before we moved in.  So spare time was spent working on the new house.  But now we are finally moved in, we have enjoyed our new home for exactly ONE week now!!!  And we are unpacked and loving it (except we still need to hang pictures and do little decorating details).  We were without internet our first weekend here, but that was just fine as we had so much to do.  Now my older kids are on Spring Break, and that is ending as well.
Hopefully Tuesday we will all be back on regular schedule here!  I can go back to reading and reviewing and sharing all my wonderful books with fellow readers.  But I can't promise anything!  The weather is warming up, and late spring  and summer is my favorite time of year!! I love the warmth and now that we have a great backyard we will be enjoying the outdoors.

Coming Soon:

-Review: Home for Love by Aneesa Price

-Review: Sky Blue by Julie Cassar

-Review: Among the Shadows by Amanda DeWees