Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Cover Reveal: Lucky Devil by Cat Miller, plus ARC Review

Title: Lucky Devil
Author: Cat Miller
Series: A Lucky Devil (Book 1)
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Self – Published
Release Date: Dec 8 2015
Edition/Formats: eBook

In Sin City, Luc Christianson is the king of all things wicked. He’s a ruthless hotel and casino owner with an aversion to gamblers who risk more than they can afford to lose. His members only gambling and entertainment club caters to wealthy and occasionally careless Vegas regulars. In Luc's world there's no pity for the reckless when it’s time to up the ante.
Everly Parker is risking it all to save her family from ruin. Her father, an alcoholic with a gambling addiction, wagers the family cattle ranch on a game of cards and loses. It’s up to Everly to find a way to get back her family’s legacy.
Everly’s confrontation with the striking illegal club owner who now owns the ranch goes from bad to worse when she dares him to play her for the ranch. Winner takes all. She makes the tragic mistake of betting the one thing she can’t afford to lose. Herself.


New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author.
I was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland and now I live not far from my birth place in Perry Hall, Maryland. I have two teenage daughters and a man that keep me busy when I'm not working full-time as a Certified Medical Coder. I'm an avid reader and I love all genre of romantic fiction from historical to contemporary to paranormal. Sleeping has always been a problem for me so most nights I can be found in the living room reading or writing instead of in bed like the rest of the world. I don't watch television. It's not a conscious decision, it just never occurs to me to turn it on when I have books to read and writing to do. It can actually be a hazard, because I never know what the weather will be until I look outside and I have to rely on my kids and coworkers for local and world news. I love creating the characters you love and love to hate. My characters remind me of people I know and people I wish I had never known.

This book has romance, blood thirsty loan sharks, high stakes gamblers and plenty of action to keep you glued to the pages.

Luc, named after Lucifer tries to live up to his name, but is he truly a bad man?  
Everly, nicknamed the Fury (by Luc), is very high spirited, red-haired, and full of life. Very sassy, a good ole-county girl. No one believes that she is not trouble, or doesn't get into trouble, because once she is at Luc's club that girl is always in some sort of trouble.
Never a dull moment in this book, there is always something awesome happening!! I couldn't put it down (when I was able to have reading time).

I was "lucky" enough to get an ARC of this book to review, in exchange for an honest review.

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