Saturday, February 20, 2016

Wendy's Review: Tempting the Dryad by Rebecca Rivard

Kindle Edition
Published January 13th 2016 by Wild Hearts Press

Book 3 in a sexy new paranormal romance series from Rebecca Rivard, an EPIC Awards Finalist for Best Fantasy/Paranormal Romance 

His dark Gift...
Rock Run warrior Tiago do Rio is hiding a dark Gift, one so powerful and easily misused it could make him a pariah in his own clan. Worse, he lusts after the beautiful sun fae queen—his own brother's mate. The temptation to use his Gift to make his darkest fantasies come true is almost irresistible. The only good thing in his life is his friendship with the dryad Alesia.

Her shifter mate...
Wild, solitary fae Alesia lives on an uninhabited island in Rock Run territory. Her Gift is to make things grow. She spends her days tending to her woodland home, but her nights are lonely—until the day she meets the sexy Latino shifter. Now she and Tiago are best friends, but she suspects they could be more.

A clan’s fate at stake...
Then just as Tiago and Alesia realize they may be mates, a den of rogue shifters threatens to bring war down on the Rock Run clan—and the two are caught in the middle. Can Tiago master his terrifying Gift in time to save them? Or will he lose his mate as well as his soul?

Tempting the Dryad is a full-length, standalone paranormal romance novel with an HEA. For readers 18+ only.

Shapeshifters created during Dionysus’s infamous bacchanals. 
They’re ruthless, untamed—and irresistible to the one person fated to be their mate.

The third installment of this series and Rivard is still going strong! Alesia & Tiago's story jumps ahead five years in the lives of the Rock Fada clan. Alesia is a Dryad living on one of the surrounding islands that Tiago had befriended in Valeria and Riu's story. In this installment you have bad guys, new love interests (yay future books!) deceit from inner clan and some allies being made along with battling true inner demons. This is another must read as Rivard doesn't miss a beat spinning another shifter/fae tale BUT best of all you can read all these books as stand alones!! So far so good as I have given all books thus far FIVE stars. I can't put them down from the time I pick them up until I've read the last page.