Sunday, July 3, 2016

Angela's Review: Hidden Scars by A.M. Myers

Kindle Edition350 pages
Published September 25th 2015 by A.M. Myers

Emma Harrington is an intelligent, confident, sweet and sassy woman. 

Or she was...before him. 

Emma sets out to rebuild her life and find the person she once was. A wrench is thrown into her plans when she meets Phoenix West, a sexy as hell, smooth-talking tattoo artist. 

As soon as Nix meets Emma, he knows he's found something special. He can't deny their connection and despite her reluctance, Nix slowly works his way through her hidden scars and into her heart. 

Just when Emma starts to breathe again, her fear resurfaces, threatening her hopes for the future. 

Will she ever be free to live the life she truly wants? Or will her torturous past finally catch up to her?

Wow! This book was everything I wasn't expecting. Reading what Emma had to go through with 'him' made everything Nix done that much more special. Even though the author goes back and forth between then and now it flows right along together. I'm really glad a friend recommended this book to me. It's well written, has a tattooed hero, and the love of a good family.