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Unique & Sexy As F*ck by Avery Aster Release Blitz & Giveaway

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Book Title: Unique (The Manhattanites Series, #6) 
Author: Avery Aster 
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance 
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Fans of Vi Keeland, Alexa Riley, and Sabrina Paige will enjoy this stand-alone, cliffhanger free, m/f/m contemporary erotic romance novel that features an HEA for all three protagonists. 

Dumped by Europe's hottest disc jockey Kiki Izatt jumps into her career taking New York society by storm. In charge of Brill Inc.'s jewelry client Paloma Gems she's ready to show the industry who sparkles.

Superstar DJ Dejon had no choice but to cut ties. If Kiki blew his cover by discovering his real intentions to hijack The Style Gala, she'd ruin his crusade to return the blood diamonds to his West African people. Dejon couldn't go back on his word to his brother Dash even if it meant not marrying Kiki.

When Dash Turay accidently shoots and injures Kiki while stealing Paloma's most valuable stone, he's taken with her. Dash wants her. He must have her! So what if Kiki is from Utah and promised her virginity to Dejon. Dash will find a way to get her in his bed with or without Dejon's approval.

Familiar with Sister Wives Kiki wonders if it's time to try her hand at Brother-Husbands!

Note: the men DO NOT touch one another.


Warning: Explicit 18+ 

His ex-fiancée bit her lower lip to stifle a grin.

“Making love,” his brother replied as his jaw clenched and eyes slightly narrowed.

“All three of us?” Kiki asked.

Yikes. “Bloody hell. Dash and I don’t touch each other.” He felt his own face twist wryly. “We’re not bisexual. Plus, that’s freaky.”

She laughed. “Maybe this is what Duckie means when he refers ‘nice ‘n’ nasty.’ Taddy has these porn movies that have twins who fuck.”

“Does it turn you on?” Dash asked.

Dejon’s expression stilled and grew serious. “Gross!”

“Twins? It’s taboo, don’t you think?” Kiki turned to face Dejon, her heart-shaped face reddened at the thought.

“What about being with two men at the same time?” he probed further, looking her over seductively.

“I always thought the person I gave my virginity to would be the man I’d share the rest of my life with.”

That still could happen, babe.” Dash stared longingly at her. It didn’t bother Dejon as much as he thought it would. He was pretty much over the fact that they had slept together. On the grand scale of drama that had done down that week, it was on the list, of course, just not at the top of it. At least not anymore.

“Not in a million years.” Kiki rolled her light-colored eyes.

“Why not?” He peered at her intently.

“Because I love Dejon.”

Hearing that made Dejon’s spirits soar. You still love me. Even after all that’s happened.

Dash made a fake pout. “You don’t have any feelings for me?” He stepped closer to the bed.

“I don’t know you well enough, and from what I do know, I’m not so sure.”

Touché, Kiki.

“Pishaw! I’m a good guy. Aren’t I, Dejon?” Dash took a seat on the other end, facing them.

“You have your moments.” He gave his brother the benefit of the doubt. Dash always meant well. Ever since they were little, he’d always tried to have Dejon’s back. Often it just didn’t turn out as though he did.

“You might learn to love me.” Dash’s large hand took Kiki’s face and held it gently for a few seconds.

“Really?” Kiki’s voice rose an octave, and then she swallowed loudly.

“Let me have you again.” Without any hesitation, Dash spread Kiki’s legs apart, slowly making his way up to her crotch.

“What are you doing?” She peered down at him.

“Having my way with you.”

Oh. God. Here he goes….

She closed her legs. “Wait.”

“Didn’t we have fun the last time we were together?”

“Yesss,” she hissed.

“Don’t you want that again? My cock buried inside you, making you shake to your core, all soaking wet, coming for me all over my dick.”

Pupils dilating, her breath quickened. “You sure do talk dirty.”

“You love it.”
“What. Ever. Dash.”
“Admit it.”
“Admit what?”
“You want me.”

Bloody hell.

He held her legs open, burying his face between her folds and making a humming noise as he went to town eating her pussy. Coming up for air, he repeated, “Damn, Kiki, say it.”

“All right,” she moaned. “I want you. I want both of you.”

Cock stiffening like a lightning rod reaching to outer space, Dejon felt his heartbeat race to a new tempo as if it were a dance tune he’d remixed just for the occasion.

“I’m going to eat you out until you forget about the last few days, about the shooting, about me hurting you, and all the bad stuff that’s happened. Bloody hell, I’m gonna make you feel good. Is that okay with you, Kiki?”

She gaped down at him and nodded. “I must be insane.”

Closing her eyes, pressing her head against in the pillows, she appeared to enjoy having Dash tongue-lash her privates while Dejon kissed her.

“This pussy is sweet. Tastes like—”

“Strawberries,” Dejon finished for him. They switched places, Dash resting Kiki against his chest while he sprawled out alongside the bed.

So beautiful! “I want to make love to you, Kiki.” Dejon looked down at her lovingly before impatiently driving his cock inside her. “Oh God. You’re so tight. So warm.”

“I love you, Dejon.” She grabbed on to his back as he lifted her gently off Dash, getting her body aligned with his own. “I’ve wanted this for so long. Years, I think.” He thrust once, twice, and then got going.

“I love you, Kiki,” Dash moaned in her ear while he stroked his cock. “I want to watch Dejon fuck you.”

Shifting his hips, Dejon sank farther into Kiki. Missionary suited them well; it was romantic and sweet.

Dash, probably feeling neglected, demanded, “Let’s DP!”

“Uhhh. No,” Kiki said nervously as Dash lay on his back, motioning for her to get on top of him. She glanced up at Dejon, who smiled with encouragement.

“Let me take your anal virginity,” Dejon begged. “Get on top of my brother. Ride him. Let me fuck you from behind.”

“It’s only fair,” Dash added.

Without giving it any more thought, she mounted Dash, letting his cock fill her fully. She arched her back and slowly brought herself up and then down again on his shaft.

“You’re so wet. I love it,” Dash stated.

“No talking. Let me concentrate.” Dejon came up behind Kiki, grabbing her hips and pressing the tip of his cock against her pucker.

“I’m seeing stars,” she groaned between them.

He reached over to the nightstand for the lube, rubbed it over his fingers, and then gently massaged her. First, just the tip of his middle finger went inside her warm hole. Then a second finger as he started to stretch her, just a little.

  Fuuuck. This is hot.

Dash slowed himself down, allowing Dejon to try again.

“Take a deep breath,” he instructed Kiki as he slid the better part of himself in her ass.

“Yes. This feels amazing. Keep going.”

“I’m almost there.” He dipped his mouth to the back of her neck, allowing her blonde hair to cover his face as he drove himself further, deeper, inside her.

“There. That’s it,” Dash grunted. “Now the three of us are connected.”


“I feel like I’m going to split in two,” Kiki gasped.

“Relax. Take another breath.” A new sense of control came over Dejon.

On his back, Dash licked Kiki’s breasts, tightening his lips around her left nipple and then her right, causing her to squirt a little over their dicks.

“I’m going to come,” Dash shouted just before he filled Kiki with his hot seed.

Dejon slowed down his anal sex tempo, watching his brother slide himself out of her folds. Withdrawing slowly, Dejon then pushed inside Kiki’s vagina for the very first time.

“Oh, Dejon. You feel so good. That’s it. Don’t stop.”

He picked up his rhythm again, fucking her hard and fast until like his brother, he drained himself inside her.

The three of them lay in bed together, limbs crossed in all angles to the point where Dejon couldn’t tell where one body began and another ended. As they drifted in and out of sleep, he sat up in bed and knew what he had to do next.
Book Title: Sexy As F*ck 
Author: Avery Aster 
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance

Available Exclusively on Amazon Pick up for 99¢ (for a limited time) or read for FREE with KU

Amazon US | Amazon UK

Two bestselling novels at one low price!

Yours Truly, Taddy: New Yorker Taddy Brill is busty, ballsy and sexy as f*ck. In this duet, you’ll join her on a naughty new adult adventure as she jets down to the Caribbean for a modeling assignment. When her plane crashes, she winds up on a mysterious island and in bed with three of the hottest European men she’s ever met.

Unscrupulous: At thirty-three, Warner Truman is one of the richest men on the planet, a spa mogul who buys and sells resorts at will. He holds powerful executives’ careers in his well-groomed hands. Nothing is beyond Warner’s reach…until he meets Taddy Brill.

Warning: Explicit 18+

My mind raced faster than my body could swim. I tried a few times to zone out and paddle forward. You know, get in that cardio trance where your breasts are jiggling, hair flying, and work the flip out.

Ugh. I counted every second. One, kicking my legs, two, lifting my right arm up, three, stroke, followed by left arm up, stroke.

No matter how hard I swam, my fears worsened. The water overwhelmed me. I could almost make out a thin sliver of land, way ahead of us, but it seemed far. I gotta ask. “Leon…”

He stopped and turned around to face me.

“Will we make Eden before dark?”


“What are we gonna do?”

“The moonlight can guide us,” Leon replied in all seriousness. However to me, he sounded almost romantic. I had to put my mind into some state of fantasy. Otherwise I’d go nuts with the reality of what we were doing: swimming for our life. “Need a break?”

“Please.” I wasn’t as tired as I thought I’d be. If anything, my fears supercharged me.

He swam over, put his arms around me, and asked, “Thirsty?” 

“Ah-huh, and hungry.” Let’s not forget horny.

“Me too.” Leon brushed up me. I could’ve sworn I felt— “Sorry,” he muttered in a low voice.

“I’m not.”


“You’re fine.” Heck, you’re more than fine. Take me. Right here. Right now.

His nose touched mine. Intent and close, we stared at each other as if we each only had one eye. I wrapped my arms, and then my legs, around him. His erection pressed up against me. Lowering my right hand, I glided my thumb against the head of his dick. Ever so slowly, with each trace of my finger over his cock, Leon’s devilish smile widened.

“Your body is tight. If you loosen your limbs, you might kick better.”

Trembling, I slipped a finger into the well of my cunt. I couldn’t help myself, Leon was right, every muscle in my body tensed. Not from the swim, but from being in his arms. He made me nervous and excited. Until meeting Leon this week, I’d never felt these urges as strongly as I did now. I held on to his shoulders, kissing him all over again.

“Maybe this will help you relax.” His hands, controlled and focused, found mine.

“Leon,” I whispered under my breath, unsure if we should.

“Let me touch you.” Kissing me, he pressed his fingers up against my g-spot. He knew exactly where to go. Even in the water, Leon hit it like a switch. Jesus!

Lip-to-lip, I whimpered into his mouth, moaning, calling out to him, “I want you.” A tingly sensation overcame the lower part of my body. “Oh, I’m going to—”

“Come for me, Mon chére.” He spoke as if in my daydream.

Just a little, right there, in the water, I came. Pulling him into me, I wasn’t going to stop. We didn’t have any condoms and I didn’t care. “Fuck me. I want you inside of me.” I needed him. I tightened my legs around his torso.

Forget the fact that we weren’t an item, let alone floating in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, I never thought my first time would be casual.

Regardless of the formalities, being with Leon Lartique, right this very second, sharing my body with him, suddenly felt like the most meaningful thing I’d ever done. The importance of this meant more to me than graduating from Avon Porter, getting into college, or making my own money. This, right here, what we were sharing, was the truest expression of oneself.

My brain had been awake for years, in recent times so had my heart, but not until today had I thought much about my soul, about life and death. Leon touched my soul.

Today could be my last day alive. I refused to go with regrets.

“Mon chére, I’ve never…had unsafe sex before.”

“Ha! I’ve never had any kind of sex before. So skin-to-skin will be new for me too.”

The tip of his dick slid inside me. Welcoming him, I took more. My muscles contracted tight around him. “Ahhh,” I moaned, watching his face.

He found his groove in the water.

“Am I hurting you?” He pulled out, almost all the way.

“Amazing—keep going.” To show my comfort, I fell back, floating in the water.

Weightlessness surrounded us.

In long, slow strokes, he fucked me. The sunset cast shadows across his face. His skin was illuminated with amber hues of paradise. Leon spoke to me in French, caressing my breasts, saying beautiful things to me that sounded lyrical and poetic.

For a minute, I closed my eyes, taking all of this in. Hypnotic! My senses felt intoxicated in a newfound euphoria. My hair floated around me as if petals in the wind.

The water’s level rose up past my ears, over my eyelashes. Hands at my sides, they seemed unattached to the rest of me.

Leon’s grip at my torso tightened. His penetration taught. Hips pulsating faster, he was going to come. So was I. Again.

Inhaling deeply through my nose, he impaled me. Just a small oval of air at the surface circled over my face. It felt cool. The rest of me was submerged into the sea with ecstasy.

A noise, faint at first, sent a humming sensation through the water. Leon’s orgasm brought new meaning to…feeling the earth shake. Holy shit!

Suddenly Leon pulled me against him. I thought he was going to growl naughtiness in my ear, but instead he shouted, “Aeroplane!”

“What?” Disoriented, I blinked. Hearing the plane, I rubbed my eyes and asked, “Where is it coming from?”

Leon’s fingers locked with mine. Our spirits filled with hope. Together, we glanced up at the sky. A moving light, a shooting star, soared closer in our direction.

“It’s flying over us.” My mouth hung open. “Can they see us?”

“Over here!” Leon shook his arms. “Looks like your friends sent a search team after all.”

Shouting, waving our hands, we made as much noise as possible. I felt relief. Leon was right. If I believed my friends would come for us, they would, and they did.

meet the author

Avery Aster writes THE MANHATTANITES, a contemporary romantic soap opera of full length, stand alone novels, and it's juicy prequel, companion series THE UNDERGRAD YEARS. Avery's stories feature alpha billionaire, possessive, dominant, bad boys and the intelligent women who love them.

Chances are if you enjoy reading books by E.L. James, Sylvia Day, Maya Banks, Olivia Cunning, Alice Clayton, Christina Lauren, and Tara Sivec, you'll enjoy Avery's romance novels which are are available as part of Kindle Unlimited.
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