Friday, December 30, 2016

Wendy's ARC Review: The Widow by Lynn Winchester


Kindle Edition101 pages
Expected publication: January 3rd 2017 by Dragonblade Publishing

Leo Watkins is an ill-tempered widower with a busy smithy to run and no desire to adhere to silly niceties. He likes his life just the way it is and doesn’t care what other people think. But when his son convinces him it’s time to remarry, Leo needs a crash course in wooing a bride.

Missy Piers is a school teacher, a young widow, and the only woman in town fiery enough to put a grumpy old blacksmith in his place. So when Leo asks her to help him catch a wife, she’s reluctant to do so.

Until she starts to fall for the awkwardly charming farrier.

Leo doesn’t know what to do about the infuriating yet intoxicating widow. She’s bossy, uptight, and…beautiful. And she makes him feel things he thought long buried.

Falling for Leo isn’t in Missy’s plans, he’s stubborn and entirely too handsome. So why does his presence make her weak and why does his touch make her yearn for something more?

When these two opposing spirits are offered a second chance at what they’ve lost, will they find love or will their hearts forever be lonely? 

Again I have to give a five star rating to Lynn Winchester's newest installment in the Dry Bayou Brides series. Missy and Leo's story was by no means a let down as I was pulled into the small dusty town and watched their love story unfold. I laughed at the two's antics and verbal banter back and forth with one another and enjoyed their characters immensely. And who knew under that rough gruff exterior was a hottie wielding a hammer! I wish there was an installment for all the characters that I have come to fall in love with in this series. I could read about this small town forever. I'm glad that Ms. Winchester hasn't fallen into the humdrum rut of today's writing and is taking her readers on a quaint path that entices a spectrum of readers. Best of all I was left with a teaser about Gaston and a possible bride for his future, YAY! Nothing but love from this reader!

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