Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year, New Me: goals not resolutions

New Year, New Me:
I know, everyone always says they are gonna change or make changes in the new year.  But I am really going to try this year. 

We will be moving into a new house this year, and it’s like a new start.  Especially since we are moving in February.  So I am setting up some goals now, and well we will see how they pan out.

  • Better Housewife-  I am a great wife and mom.  But not so great at keeping a good house, I will be the first to admit it. Lol.  But this year, with moving into a bigger house, I am determined to be better.  So that’s my goal.  Have a cleaner house, which means less computer time during the day.

  • Workout- I’m tiny naturally, but I would like to be fit and in shape.  I know I don’t need to loose weight, but I want to be fit.  Besides my hubby is at the gym practically everyday! And now my stepson is going with him almost everyday, can’t have them both looking great and not me too!! Plus now, I’ll have more room to move around.

  • Review all books I read.  Okay, this is an easy one now.  But it wasn’t before, it could’ve been easy I just didn’t do it.  See before, I would just read a book and move on without reviewing.  Now, I want to post my reviews and get my opinions out there.  Why not?  Everyone has an opinion, and my review could help someone.

  • Get more followers- this is where you guys come into play!! Please help spread the word of my blog and help me get out there too. 

  • Have giveaways at least once a month!

  • Maybe get a part-time job- we could always use the extra money to help out around here at home.  And it could also help me with better giveaways, the more money I have- the more stuff I can mail out to the winners!!!!

  • I have set myself a reading challenge on for 125 books.  I think I can do that.  In 2012, I read 100 books.  But I didn’t start keeping accurate account until around April.

Ok, I think that is it.  Now its your turn, tell me at least one of your goals for this New Year (2013, gotta practice “writing” that)