Friday, January 25, 2013

Snowy weekend

Well, its a snowy weekend here.  That means bundling up and staying warm! Cuddling up with a book and some coffee.  Ok, so I won't really get to do much of that.  I have to take the little one out to play in the snow while I freeze my tushy off!  So, I don't know why the pictures look like its almost dark out.  Its just 4pm, so its still plenty daylight out.  But here you go, this is what it looks like here where I am.
This is our side yard, and neighbor's driveway
Right in front of the house.
We live on a fairly main road, this is the road coming down in front of our house

I am not a winter gal, I love me some heat and sunshine.  I would rather be sweating it out in the sun than freezing, bundled up inside.  But I do have some warm snow clothes to layer on, so in just a little bit I will be heading outside to play. 
Later though, I have some great books to read.  My kindle is loaded up!  Right now, I am reading Amanda DeWees- Sea of Secrets.  I will have the review up for this later this weekend.  Great book, run out or log on and get yourself a copy!

I am making myself another pot of coffee, not to get energy but to stay warm!!!
So my lovely friends, what are you reading this weekend?  Whats the weather like?