Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Review:Shadows and Voices by Jason Ellis

A Holly Silverstone Adventure,  Shadows and Voices by Jason Ellis

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(Young Adult/teen read)

Book Description:   Meet young Holly Silverstone, the girl who sees daisies turn to butterflies ... who dreams of places that she has never been to ... who is invited to study at the elusive and enchanting Highlands Academy of truth and excellence.

The voices will come, one-thousand and one, the voices will come. Fear is the key, fear to see. The voices will come, one-thousand and one, the voices will come.

As Holly took a sip of her tea and held the piece of paper between her fingers, veins of ink slowly crept across the paper. She wanted to drop it and scream … yet a more powerful part of her made the fingers on her hands grasp the letter even tighter and her eyes open wider.
The ink seeped and whirled around, forming words;

We have a question for you, Holly.
Do you want to know how the daisies turned to butterflies?

My Review:
this book was given to me by the author for honest review.
I thought the book was just ok. I felt like I was reading forever and never going to finish.
But let me say that it did have a good basic story line.
There are a lot of stories being told in one, but they all tie together it just takes awhile to see that
Holly is a bright but different kid and will be starting the school year at a special school. (you can think along the lines of Harry Potter, but its different) she ends up helping one of her tutors with a mystery and should be getting in trouble with the rules she has broken, but she doesn't. I'm not sure if I want to read book 2 or not at this moment.

My daughter is also currently reading this book.  When she is finished I will post her review as well.  I'm sure hers will be different from mine.   

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