Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fall reading.

Now that its fall, the weather has already turned a bit cooler.  Above is a picture of what it looks like a little bit later in the season here where I live.  Now that its cooler, its time for me to really bundle up in my sweatshirts or sweaters.  I love my sweaters and sweatshirts but I don't like the cooler weather.
Halloween is fast approaching, and my household is thrilled this year.  This year we can do some series Trick-or-Treating, now that we are living in a development,  we didn't have much places to go before without driving all around.
With the season changing and Holidays coming, Do you change your reading list?  Do you read holiday themed books around that holiday?    I think I have some Halloween books in my TBR pile, I might have to read them late in October.  I know I have some Christmas themed books, I will push them to December and read away.

Around here, we start getting more tourist driving around.  People drive up to come and look at all the pretty color leaves.  Traffic gets backed up, perfect for staying curled up reading a book.  Or taking my little ones for a walk around the neighborhood.  This is what they all come to see:


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