Sunday, October 13, 2013

Review: Forever Blue by Julie Cassar


New love, new magical powers and new threats emerge as Ruby discovers more about who she is to become and why the powers at be want her out of the picture. When the flames of the Fire Court threaten to burn those she loves, Ruby must leap into a fiery battle which could change the lives of all those in Fey and alter the fate of the Royal Courts forever. Secrets revealed and lives hang in the balance in this explosive finale to the Ruby Blue Series.

My Review:

As with each book, this is the best of the series. Unfortunately its the last of the Ruby Blue series :( That I am so not happy about.
Miss Julie sure can write! She just draws you in so much, its like we are right there fighting dragons, having ice cream or trekking through the mountains with Ruby, Jeremy, Brennan and Anya. This time around was no different, I felt like I was looking at the dresses that Oona made for Ruby and Anya.
I devoured this in 24 hours only because I had to keeping stopping, but as I got to the end, I was so upset. I kept thinking no, this can't be there has to be more. No, there's no cliffhanger it's just the end of the series and I love this group so much.
I felt my heart break at a point during the story, but then it was healed again with joy. One book put me through so many emotions!!!
There is not alot of Jeremy in this book as there was in the other 3, but we still get his wonderful attitude and crazy words. This book was mostly Ruby and Brennan, and I missed Anya.
This is definitely a must read!!!
I was given this book in exchange for an honest review. Thank Miss Julie, for giving me the chance to read this and for this craptastic series!!!  

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About the Author:

Julie Cassar's debut Young Adult Fantasy "Ruby Blue" Series has been met with rave reviews and has spent weeks on Amazon's Fantasy Series Best Seller List as well as it's Top Rated list. A graduate of Eastern Michigan University with a Bachelor Degree in Fine Art, specializing in Graphic Design, Cassar has also worked as a production artist, designer, painter and photographer. She has been featured in Fitness Magazine, "Outdoor Athlete," and publishes a monthly blog.
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