Friday, October 11, 2013

Review: My Love at Last by Jaclyn Marulanda

ebook, 171 pages
Published August 2013 by Jaclyn Marulanda

Book Description:

Danielle Bryan is ready to get back to her hometown of Mooresville North Carolina after college graduation, the place where she grew up and missed so much. It was the place she first fell in love but didn't know it until her true love returns home to settle his deceased fathers estate. When she sees him again he has her heart beating a little faster. A childhood friendship is rekindled with true romance and steamy nights, revealing a love that has always been there.

A sexy, sweet and fun romance.

My Review:

Decent book/story.  I felt that the word "perfect" was overused extremely in this book.  I was so sick of seeing that word by the half way point that I almost wanted to stop reading and Scream! 
And I am glad to be done reading just so I don't have to see TJ say "you are so beautiful" or "beautiful"  that was overdone as well.  Yes TJ had been in love with Danni (Danielle) since they were like 9 but OMG.
I was thinking this story wasn't so bad, I can really enjoy this- until I got to the first sex scene.  It was like the author was trying way to hard.  It was just down right annoying.  He just finished going down on her then starts to make love to her when he says " you feel so good. You are so wet again."  what? how did she dry up, there wasn't like 5 or 10 minutes in between!
I never got why Danni never spoke up to defend TJ or tell people to leave him alone when they were in school, yet she claimed she felt bad about what they did.  And she claimed to have such a connection to him. 
TJ was overboard when they saw each other for the first time after about 6 years.  Like borderline harassment.