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Promise Me Once by Paige Weaver Blog Tour

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 Once with him was never enough. I am the girl you dislike. The girl you snub at parties. I am the one who flirts with men and knows no boundaries. I am the one you whisper about. The one who has no rules. I am the one who takes and uses without any regret or excuses. On the outside I am perfect. I have money, looks, and a personality that makes people stand up and take notice, but on the inside I am broken and hurting. Then I met Cash Marshall. He wasn’t what I needed, but I wanted him anyway. It was Cash’s carved, muscular body I thought about. It was his cool, confident touch I craved. I swore he would only be a one-night stand, another distraction to take away the pain. But then our world changed. Our story is not about love. Love is pretty and sweet and full of niceties. Those no longer exist. Our story is about finding each other again in a world gone crazy. It’s about surviving the impossible when war ravaged our land. It’s about saving each other from the darkness and finding out just how strong we could be. And maybe, just maybe, along the way, we’ll find love… Once and for all.

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  PMO Excerpt Reveal Part Two  
  He didn’t answer, just stood there and stared at me with a dark look that seemed to see my deepest, darkest desires.
I felt a stirring of panic. To cover it up, I rolled my eyes and grabbed my purse. “Whatever.” I wasn’t in the mood for some kind of mind fuck.
I started to go around him but his hand shot out and grabbed my arm, stopping me.
“Cat,” he growled.
“What?” I snapped, jerking my arm away from him.
“You’ve got some nerve.”
I frowned. “And you’ve got some nerve walking in the ladies restroom, Cash. You don’t belong in here. Just like you don’t belong out there. Leave.” I pointed to the locked door.
Warning bells went off in my head when I saw the tick in his jaw but it was too late.
“Screw it,” he hissed between clenched teeth.
He shoved his hand under my hair and yanked my mouth to his.
He shoved his hand under my hair and yanked my mouth to his.
I inhaled sharply. His kiss was punishing. Bruising. He devoured me. I made a feeble attempt to push away from him but his fingers tangled into my hair, holding me tightly.
His tongue dipped inside my mouth, hot as it urged mine to play. He grabbed my wrist and held me against the counter, grinding his hips into mine. I gasped and he took advantage of it, thrusting his tongue further into my mouth. The hardness under his jeans pushed into me, making parts of me grow damp and achy.
He bit my lip brutally then sucked at it gently, making a small cry escape from me. Fuck, the man knew how to kiss. He was control. Heat. Desire. Passion. He was everything in one perfect package and more.
Without warning, he grabbed me around the waist and lifted me up, sitting me on the cold granite counter. The coolness against my thighs made me suck in a shuddering breath.
Cash ran his hands along the outside of my thighs, grasping them tightly.
“You were right, Cat. I don’t belong in this place,” he said in a low whisper. “I belong here instead.”
He jerked my legs apart and stepped between them. The counter was low and he was tall. His crotch fit perfectly between my legs. Right where I needed him. Right where I had to have him.
He shoved his hand under my hair again and grasped my nape, dragging my mouth back to his. Raw desire made the kiss hard and fast. There was no tenderness, no hesitation, and no mercy. That man was gone. There was only taking and giving. A man that knew what he wanted and was going after it.
I grabbed a handful of his shirt and yanked him closer, moaning when his cock hit my crotch behind his jeans. It was just the hint he needed. He reached under my dress and hooked his fingers in my panties. Breaking the kiss, he yanked the little swath of material down my legs, his eyes staying on mine with intensity.
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    Promise Me Darkness
"He was my darkness and I was his light. We couldn't exist without each other." For me, life was simple. I went to school and studied. I spent time with my friends and stayed out of trouble. I didn't drink or swear and I only dated gentlemen. I was the typical good girl with a bright future. My world seemed perfect. But that was about to change. Ryder Delaney was the one imperfection in my life. He was the bad boy, the black sheep, the one your mother always warned you about. He had only one hard-and-fast rule - Don't fall in love. But some rules were meant to be broken. We were best friends, inseparable since childhood despite our differences. I knew the real man hiding behind the tattoos and bad attitude. He knew all my secrets and dreams. But he didn't know there was one thing I wanted and couldn't have...him. But sometimes Fate has a way of intervening. Soon our world collapsed. War erupted. Darkness prevailed. Alone and on the run, our only goal was to survive and to ignore the feelings we had for each other. But love is powerful... and so is the darkness.  

Promise Me Light
The epic conclusion of New York Times bestselling book Promise Me Darkness.
"I'm darkness, Maddie. Stay away from men like me. You'll only get hurt." At one time my life was simple. Easy. But that was before the war. Now I was no longer an average college student. I was a survivor. A woman living in a ravaged world. My future was not bright and my life was far from perfect. The war had taken so much from me… but it wasn’t finished yet. It wanted more. It wanted my heart. My soul. The one person I couldn’t live without. It wanted Ryder Delaney. My best friend. The bad boy. The one person who could fight like no other and love me like no one else. He was the father of my baby. I watched him walk away one hot summer day and I prayed he would return. I needed him like I needed air to breathe and water to drink. Without him I was lost. A light without her darkness. Until he returns, I’ll wait for him. And I believe he will return because love is powerful… And so is the light calling him home.

Paige Weaver
Paige Weaver is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. Many hours of her childhood were spent getting lost between the pages of a book, disappearing into other worlds. That turned into a love for writing at a young age. She lives in Texas with her husband and two children.
Find out about future books and connect with her on: Website: authorpaigeweaver.com Follow her on Twitter: @AuthorPWeaver Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorPaigeWeaver Google+: PaigeWeaverAuthor