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Last of the Red-Hot Riders by Tina Leonard Tour, Review & Giveaway

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Last of the Red-Hot Riders
Hell’s Outlaws # 2
By: Tina Leonard
Releasing May 26, 2015

The toughest rodeo rider in Hell, Texas, discovers his tender side with a feisty cowgirl in this sexy new novel from USA Today bestselling author Tina Leonard.

Cameron Dix knows that becoming an elite rider is the first step to realizing her dream: owning a special-needs equestrian academy. Only one thing stands in her way—and he’s big, tall, and sizzles like a Texas steak. Superhunk Saint Markham claims that he isn’t happy about all the women galloping into town, but the heat in his eyes tells Cameron a different story. What else can a fiery redhead do but let her hair down and give in to desire hot enough to melt her saddle?
Saint has seen what happens when women come marching into the Hell’s Outlaws Training Center: Strong men crumble. Problem is, he’s got rivals willing to train a talented lady rider like Cameron. But after one night of passion, he’s branded. And from the moment he kisses her ruby lips, Cameron is his—even if he’s too stubborn to admit it. Now Saint must stake his claim on a life of delicious sin with the woman he loves.

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Once Saint left, Cameron began making a comfy dog bed for Lucky. “Your new father may not appreciate me using one of his T-shirts and one of his towels for a nice, soft bed for you, but ask forgiveness later, I always say.” She went into Saint’s closet, amazed by how orderly it was. Everything was on hangers, facing the same direction. No piles of clothes tossed haphazardly into baskets or corners. With the puppy in her arms, she backed out to give his bedroom a better inspection.

A queen-sized bed covered in a blue and maroon paisley pattern gave the room a comfortable feeling. There were two mahogany end tables, each with a brass lamp on top, and a book lay on the side of the bed he clearly slept on, since that pillow was the only one disturbed. A beer can sat beside the book, probably consumed as a sleep inducer. She went to peer at the book.

“Oh, your father likes Sherlock Holmes. You’re in for some amazing bedtime stories.”

Lucky licked her chin. Cameron went to the large window to peer out at Saint’s view by night. A birdfeeder was right outside his window, illuminated by a porch light. “And your dad may have a softer heart than he lets on.” She had no idea how big Saint’s property was, but she thought it was a couple of acres.

Against the opposite wall was a large glass-and-wood case. Peering into it, she saw rodeo buckles, some big, some smaller—but each a sign of his being a winning bull rider. Cameron caught her breath as she looked at all the trophies. Not only had Saint been a brave-as-hell SEAL, but he’d been hell on a bull, too. This was a glimpse into a side of him that he never spoke of. She’d always heard he was a great rider, but now it seemed that whether it was a horse or a bull didn’t matter—he was good at it.

He could train her in bullfighting, if he wanted. He just didn’t want to, and wasn’t about to be talked into it. Like Trace and Declan, Saint wanted no part of putting a woman into an arena, and thought Judy’s Hell’s Belles idea was harebrained. The Outlaws claimed no man would feel safe with a woman being in charge of protecting him from a couple tons of annoyed meat trying to gore and stomp him.

But Judy was smart. She knew she had an angle no other small town had, and had
searched high and low to find the women who could help her accomplish her goal.

Cameron knew Judy hadn’t counted on the Outlaws’ consistent, and persistent, opposition to her team.

At the moment, she had a wriggly puppy to foist onto Saint. “He’s not happy about you,” she told Lucky, “but he’s the right guy for you. I just know you’ll do him a world of good. It’s time for him to quit being such a solitary, lonely guy, especially now that his buddy Trace is married. I don’t even know where Declan spends his time anymore—mostly at Redfeather’s, probably. You’ll meet Stephen Redfeather one day. He’s probably got a bone or two in his kitchen we can snitch for these puppy teeth of yours to chew on.”

As she returned to the closet to commandeer a T-shirt, she breathed in the comforting scent of man and clean clothes. Rows of boots sat on a wire riser on the hardwood floor. One side of the closet held T-shirts with logos, the other side was for long-sleeve shirts and jeans. “I would never have imagined he’d be so orderly, but even the towels in the bathroom were stacked neatly and by color. However, I’m pretty sure we don’t want to borrow one of his T-shirts with logos on them, because men can be real proud of their souvenir shirts.”

She backed out of the closet and went to the laundry room, hoping to find something in a laundry basket Saint wouldn’t mind her using. A basket of clothes that were waiting to be washed overflowed with an assortment of T-shirts, work shirts, and jeans. “Perfect. You’ll think you’ve landed in doggie heaven.” She pulled out a white T-shirt, grabbed a towel from the bathroom, and made a nice nest on the floor for Lucky. “There you go. See how nice that is?”

Lucky crawled right back up into her lap. Saint came in, stopping when he saw her on the floor by his bed.

“He’s sleeping with me?” Saint asked.
“Of course. He’d be scared without someone with him.” She took the bowls and food from him, smiling. “Thank you.”

“No problem.” He followed her into the kitchen, where she set Lucky on the floor so she could wash the bowls. The puppy hovered at her feet anxiously. “I guess it’ll win me no points to say that Lucky’s already spent many nights in his young life without sleeping with someone. He could go in the garage.”

Cameron looked at him, horrified. “Oh, he’d be so sad!”

“Yeah, I know. Better me than the dog, I guess.”

She put the bowls on the floor. Saint cut open the puppy kibble and poured some in, while Cameron filled one bowl with water. “He’s so pretty. All that dark gold fur is lovely.”

“Look at those paws. He’s going to be the size of a small elephant.”

Lucky tucked into his bowl hungrily, and she rubbed his back, letting him know that he was safe now. “How fortunate for Lucky that you’re well-versed in large animals.”

“I guess.”

She smiled at his obvious reluctance. “You don’t like change much, do you?”

He put his hat on a hat rack on the wall, washed his hands at the sink. “Had enough of that in the military. Peace and quiet and no excitement is my new love.”

This is the second book in the "Hells Outlaws" series. Just a good as the first book.

Saint and Cameron will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions. 
Judy is still as strong headed as in the first book, even though you don't "see" her much in this book. Poor Steel was a mess for most of this story.
I'm so glad to get Saint's book, and hope Declan gets his book as well.
Love the strong characters in this series. 

*I received my copy from Netgalley for review*

USA Today Bestselling and award-winning author Tina Leonard has sold over 3 million books, making the USA Today, Waldenbooks, Bookscan, and Ingrambook bestseller lists, and publishing over seventy titles. Her work has been contracted by Random House Loveswept, Samhain Publishing, Harlequin, London Bridge, and most recently Diversion Books. Leonard is known for her sparkling sense of humor, endearing communities, snappy dialogue, and memorable characters that include sexy hunks with attitude and heroines with plenty of sass. Join her at

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