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Pawn of the Crown by Cassie Clover

Pawn of the Crown
All the Queen's Heirs Book 2
by Cassie Clover
Genre: YA Fantasy

Life at court isn’t full of peace or quiet for Royal Seer Kimess as she serves the Lazrel queen. With a royal engagement propping up the peace treaty, Kimess and Prince Nemal head to Bachal as guests of their king. It’s not easy but being up close with charming unicorn and fierce dragon shifters is a new experience. Kimess and Nemal hope to find some private time but are surrounded by security droids plus their own entourage. The queen’s directives are many: spy, make friends, don’t trigger a war, and capture a traitor—dead or alive. Kimess and her friends are balancing their delicate mission fairly well until a couple other royal visitors arrive—revealing secrets that ignite chaos.

Sixteen year old, Lady Kimess, is expected to one day inherit the role of Royal Seer. But when her mother dies under mysterious circumstances, Kimess steps up now. Untrained, and ill prepared, she doesn’t have a choice. Her remaining family’s safety, as well as her life, rest in the hands of the Queen of Lazrel. Kimess isn’t without allies—even royal ones. Both of the queen’s sons have shown support. If she’s not careful, a friendship with either prince could prove deadly.

Kimess’ telepathic and prophetic abilities are called into action when a delegation from the bordering empire arrives to renegotiate a treaty. Mistrust and rumors from every corner of the kingdom swirl around her. Under constant guard in the castle, the only way Kimess can keep her life and one day earn her freedom is by giving the queen everything she requires—no matter the risks.

-Fun Facts

  1. I never planned to write a YA. I had 15k of this story done with adult characters and it refused to work…
  2. A friend of mine branched into YA at the same time and we both had our books releasing close together.
  3. I wasn’t sure what to do with the book (self pub or submit) then I found the perfect cover by Fiona Jayde’s.
  4. Nothing was changed about the cover…only the text for title/author/series was added…
  5. I made sure to hire an editor with YA experience to make sure I didn’t go off the rails with the new genre.
  6. I binged watched shows like the Fosters, Switched at Birth, and Pretty Little Liars to get my brain back into teen mode…
  7. The book poured out fast…I had hangover days when I couldn’t write because I’d written too much the day before.
  8. On the hangover days, I’d usually figure out an elusive piece of the plot.
  9. These princesses and royal court members aren’t your Disney type…they have a huge amount of responsibility.
  10. I explained the basic story concept to a friend… “Like Reign meets Game of Thrones…with a lot less sex and violence”
  11. Writing in first person is actually easier for me than any other pov.
  12. Book 2 is already plotting itself in my head…this world takes over my brain.
  13. I hate reality TV.
  14. When I finished edits, I went to the movies for a reward. Nothing like movie popcorn.
  15. I have a swag problem…love pens/ bags/ and useful goodies.
  16. The Cassie Clover logo is made by the cover designer. Love the little crown
  17. One of the characters is named after a late super reader…I was already using the name when I found out the reader had passed away.
  18. I seriously planned on writing something else after the ya fantasy…see how it was reviewed before I did book 2. But the characters have other ideas.
  19. The land of the fairies started as a joke a character said but it turned into a real thing in the world…magic worlds are such fun!
  20. Genre hopping makes me feel a bit crazy. But the muse is in charge…
  21. Caffeine is my friend.
  22. I like strong female characters who are smart…not who need to be saved
  23. Love TV sitcoms and dramas…netflix is dangerous for me
  24. I love conferences and signings but I suck at travel…it stresses me out.
  25. I’m an introvert in real life…love my writing cave

Cassie Clover is a Chicago girl who writes YA…currently Epic Fantasy with Magic and Tiaras. She loves meeting readers, binge watching TV shows, wasting time watching You Tube, writing as much as possible, and making up stuff.
Cats over dogs. Chocolate over vanilla. Lime over lemon…gotta make decisions!

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