Friday, August 5, 2016

Portland, ME by Freya Barker #Sale

������Portland, ME, celebration SALE!!������
It’s a double celebration in the month of August!!
  • My 2-year publishing anniversary, and
  • The 1-year release anniversary of the first Portland, ME, novel FROM DUST.
This month, FROM DUST and CRUEL WATER will be on sale at prices you haven’t seen on these books yet! 
"Freya Barker excels at writing compelling, relevant, and life-affirming stories that give me pause while also summoning a desire to hold my loved ones close, give thanks for what I have, and to let go of the nominal complaints of my daily life.” ~Books & Bindings Blog
#FromDust #CruelWater #ThroughFire 
#PortlandMEnovels #FreyaBarker #OneClick #BookSale

ONLY $0.99
⭐️”FROM DUST”  a Portland, ME, novel #1⭐️
ONLY $2.99
⭐️”CRUEL WATER”  a Portland, ME, novel #2⭐️
⭐️”THROUGH FIRE”  a Portland, ME, novel #3⭐️

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