Monday, March 24, 2014

Review: Reaching Rachel by LL Collins

ebook, 310 pages
Published January 18th 2014 by Self published

**Disclaimer:** This book contains difficult topics that may be hard for some readers and is suggested for a mature audience only. It contains strong language, sexual situations, abuse, and other content that may be problematic for some to read. Please keep this in mind when choosing to read this book.

Rachel has always been seen as a wild child, never committing or settling down. She wants it that way, so that no one ever finds out the truth. Deep down, she is crushed over something that happened years ago that resulted in losing the only man she ever loved. Then she meets someone who tries to convince her that she’s ready to commit again. But some things are not what they seem. Realizing too late that she’s in over her head, and with her life on the line, she comes face to face with her past in a way she never thought possible.
Devin was in love once, and it destroyed him, making him swear off love forever. After a promotion and subsequent move unexpectedly brings him into the middle of her dangerous situation, he must come face to face with his past and to the woman who broke him into pieces. But she needs help. Desperately. And maybe, just maybe, he didn't know the real truth of their past. Can he help her survive the terrible ordeal she's been through, and during it all, can he safeguard his heart from her? Or will the truth of the pain that has kept them apart show him that he can't live without her after all?

 OMG, I didn't think anything could top Living Again or Ben but boy was I wrong!!! I LOVED Reaching Rachel and I can honestly say that Devin is now officially my favorite and top best book boyfriend!!!

This story had me from the start. By chapter 1 I was so hooked I could not put it down for anything!! My heart broke for Rachel from the beginning. Losing the love of her life Devin 5 years ago has tore Rachel's world apart. Knowing she will never get over him or find another love like theirs, she tries to make herself forget by having one night stands. One night while at a bar she meets Justin. She thinks this will be just a hot one night hookup but Justin has other ideas and soon Rachel finds herself in a whole lot of trouble.

Devin Putnam....OMG, HOLLLLYYY SWOOOONNNNN!!! These last 5 years without Rachel have been hell for him. He can't make himself forget that beautiful red head no matter how hard he tries. No one can compare to her. Getting a job offer on the SWAT team in Florida will soon bring him face to face with the love of his life in a way he never expected. Will he be able to hold himself together long enough to save the woman he knows without a doubt he can no longer live without?

I loved watching Devin and Rachel reconnect again. Devin was so strong, sweet, caring and protective of Rachel. He was determined that no matter what happened he would never be able to walk away from her again.

"You are now and have always been it for me. You are my beginning, middle and end. I've only lived marginally for the last 5 years. Don't you see? Neither one of us has moved on because we're meant to be, Rachel. You are mine."

Rachel was one strong willed woman. I love how with the help of Devin she learns to face her fears head on.

"Thank you, too."
"For reaching me, making me believe I deserved the life I never thought I would have. I'm living again because of you."

I loved seeing more of Kayley and Ben and their adorable little family from Living Again in this book. We also meet new characters who I hope sometime soon will get their own story. I LOVED the epilogue!! I was smiling so hard my face hurt. I hope in the next book we will hear more on Rachel and Devin (hint hint)

L.L. are AMAZING!!! This story, even though it gets pretty brutal in the beginning, was beautiful!! Every lady deserves a man like Devin to treat her like she is the only thing that matters to him in life. This is my favorite book of 2014 so far and I think is going to take a lot to beat it. I can't wait to see what you come up with next!! 

 Reaching Rachel is the second Novel by LL Collins. Rachel is Kayley from Living Again’s best friend. She is the Office Manager for Kayley’s Occupational Therapy Center. She is beautiful, feisty, and the all-around perfect package. This is what she wants people to believe, that she is happy and content to one night stands and friends only status. She doesn’t want people to know that she let the love of her life, Devin Putnam, walk out of her life 5 years ago, before she moved to town. What will happen when she meets Justin, a sexy as hell construction worker, on the anniversary of her split with Devin? Will she be able to finally put Devin out of her heart and mind for good?

Devin is a cop, a heart throb, edgy, and a biker to top it off. He has slept his way through the women of Miami trying to push Rachel out of his heart and his mind. When Devin gets the chance to take a job with SWAT, he jumps on the chance and moves across the state to start fresh. What will happen when his first experience as a member of SWAT turns out to be more than he bargained for? Will he be able to save the one woman who he walked away from and never looked back?

I really liked this book from the very beginning. Everything that Rachel has to go through is enough to make anyone crazy. She is so strong, and even when she feels like all hope is lost she pushes forward with the help of those she loves the most. The author does a great job of expressing emotions; she makes you feel like you are in the moment with the character. She pushes you to look outside the box, and she doesn’t sugar coat the hard stuff. She successfully made me cry at least once in both of the books I have read that she has written.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a second chance romance. I must warn you that is this not all hearts and flowers. There are scenes in this book that may be hard to read, but this book is well worth your time and effort. Even though some characters from Living Again appear in this book, this could be read as a standalone. 

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