Friday, June 13, 2014

Review for Heartless by Vanessa Marie


Where other girls had childhoods full of Girl scouts, parties and sleepovers.
Charlie’s was full of hospitals, surgeries and the fight to survive.
Forced to grow up quickly, she learned not to let anyone in.
What was the point? People always let her down.
Then Sam Greyson walked into her life.
He broke down the walls she’d built around herself and forced his way into her heart.
She finally let someone see the real, bruised, damaged girl inside.
Then everything came crashing down.
The man she’s opened up to…
The man she’s let see her darkness…
The man she’s fallen for… is off limits.
He’s her new Creative Writing Teacher.
Will Charlie deny her own happiness to protect everything he had worked for?
If giving him up meant he could have a normal life… She would do it in a broken heartbeat.

This Book is Rated 18+ for Strong MATURE content and Language.(
OMG this book is AWESOME!!! Once I started it, I could not put it down till I was finished!!

Charlie's life has been anything but easy. Because her dad is in the military she has been moved around over and over so many times its not funny. Since birth she has struggled with her health issues that have had her close to death many times landing her in the "Zipper Club" Because of this, she does not allow herself to become close to anyone except her dad, her best friend Jules and his family....that is until they finally move back home to Beaufort SC and she meets Sam Greyson. Will she finally open up and try to make a relationship work with Sam? Will her health issues cause her to close herself off yet again?

O...M...G...Sam Greyson, HOLLLYYY SWWOOON!! I loved Sam!! When Sam first lays eyes on Charlie he is hooked. He wants to know more about the beautiful girl on the motorcycle. I loved the relationship Sam and Charlie had together!! I was so glad Charlie was finally allowing herself to be loved by Sam. When you learn who Sam really is....HOLY CRAP I sooooo did not see that one coming!!! Will Charlie and Sam ever be able to be together?

WOW..I had so many emotions running thru me while I read this book!! I was happy, sad, laughing and crying. I loved the secondary characters in this book. Jules was so freaking funny!! I loved the relationship between him and Charlie. I loved the back and forth banter between the two but when it comes down to it you can also tell how genuine their love is. While this book does not have a cliffhanger it is also not the end of Sam and Charlie's story and I am so glad about that!! I finished this book 2 weeks ago and I am still on a HUGE book hangover!!

Great Job Vanessa!! I will try to patiently wait for book 2!!
This is my 5 star review for Heartless by Vanessa Marie for Eskimo Princess Review Blog.

Heartless is about Charlotte “Charlie” Evans and Sam Greyson. Charlie has been chased by problems with her heart since birth. She has been a member of the zipper club ever since. She has decided to live her life one day at a time. She doesn’t think that she can love and always says what is on her mind. When she meets Sam at a coffee shop after she moves back to South Carolina everything changes. Can she fight against her mind and give someone her heart? Will her heart fail before she has a chance to find love with a good man?

Sam Greyson is a high school English teacher. He is sexy, smart, and has a good heart. He doesn’t know what he is in for when he decides that he wants to know more about the beautiful girl who rides up to his favorite coffee shop on a motorcycle. When the dynamic of their relationship changes will he be able to walk away for good? Will he be able to convince her that he can make his own decisions?

I really liked this book. I laughed, I cried, and I enjoyed every minute of it. I am so glad that it is a book one and the author has decided to give us more of Sam and Charlie’s story. I don’t think that I am ready for their story to be over yet. There are so many things that I can say about the story line but I don’t think I could do it justice. What Charlie goes through is not fair but it is life and we all know life can suck sometimes. I loved Jules and Sarah; they added a level of friendship and good humor that balanced out the serious side of the novel. I found a few grammar errors but nothing that took away from the reading of the story. The errors didn’t make it difficult to read either.

If you are looking for a serious love story that isn’t always butterflies and roses, then this one would be for you. I look forward to more on Sam and Charlie in the future. Great Job Vanessa! 

Always the cause of shenanigans, Vanessa is a heavily tattooed, sarcastic motorcycle enthusiast who started her career as a Jeep tech at the age of sixteen. The happily married mother of three little monsters—oops, children—lives in Kentucky by way of Las Vegas, Nevada. Once her life took a different direction—sidelined by Heart Disease at 26 and becoming a pacemaker recipient—she decided to write as a creative outlet, and Heartless was born. She realizes life can be dark clouds and acid rain at times, but her outlook on life puts a positive and sarcastic spin on it all