Friday, June 27, 2014

Review & Giveaway: Two Week Seduction by Kathy Lyons

ebook, 195 pages
Expected publication: June 30th 2014 by Entangled Publishing (Brazen) 

A sexy category romance from Entangled’s Brazen imprint…

She’s going to break all of his rules…

Tech Sergeant John O’Donnell was never fond of his hometown. Too many reminders of poverty, his rocky family life, and the girl he was never allowed to have. Now he has exactly two weeks to sort out his mother's finances before he heads back overseas. Two weeks that he's determined to spend as far from his best friend’s little sister as possible.

Alea Heling has a naughty streak a mile wide. Sweet and simple? Boring. She’s been craving a bad boy like John since their wild days together in high school, and this time, she’s not taking no for an answer. But with every panty-meltingly hot encounter, Alea forgets one hard, cold reality—this soldier won't let a fortnight turn into forever...and forever might be exactly what they both need.

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This was a very hot and steamy read. 
Alea has been in love with John since she was 16, and now is her chance to seduce him.  He is home on a 2 week leave from the Air Force.  John has always had the hots for Alea, but he feels he is all wrong for her.  She comes from a rich family and his is poor, plus her brother (his best friend) had warned him off when they were teens.
Alea keeps putting herself in his view whenever they are in the same place.  She just wants him to notice her.  But he keeps brushing her off.
But she finally gets him, when at a bar playing pool.  After that, look out things are so hot and steamy between the two of them, it will burn up your kindle!!
The author, as always writes a very good story.  You could almost be right there or you could be Alea.  And being Alea wouldn't be such a bad thing if it meant having John too!
John though likes things nice and orderly, and has to "see" things- its hard to just make a split decision.  He has a hard time following his gut/heart. He also has a hard time with a real conversation, Alea says its like pulling teeth.
I really enjoyed reading this book.  It shows the rich life and the not so privileged life.
I was given a copy to read and review by the publisher.

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