Thursday, July 23, 2015

Devil's Blood by Amity Cross is Live

Devil's Blood (Royal Blood #3) is LIVE!


We would embrace the darkness together…
Or not at all.
Xavier Blood is a man adrift. And a dangerous man without purpose is a lethal cocktail for disaster.
Mercy Reid has her revenge, but it’s not what her heart desires most.
After everything he’s been through, X doesn’t want to know where he came from, let alone who he was. Mercy has become his life, his anchor, his everything, so why should it matter?
Mercy thinks X is delaying the inevitable and pushes him to understand the thing he struggles with the most—his identity—but it might be one push too far in the wrong direction.
Who is Xavier Blood? Only one man has the answer and it’s the man Mercy wants to meet the least. The more X withdraws into his broken mind, the more desperate she becomes to save him, even if it means coming face to face with the man who tortured and conditioned her love to be a cold hearted killer.
The Watchman has the answers, but are they the ones she wants to hear? 

Find out the answer to the question everyone wants to know...
Who is Xavier Blood?


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Head back to where it all began...

Xavier 'X' Blood is a hitman for motorcycle club, Royal Blood. When he meets Mercy Reid, things begin to unravel in the worst way possible. Will Mercy's love be enough to save him? Find out in ROYAL BLOOD.
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