Sunday, October 4, 2015

Highland Flames

Release Date: September 21, 2015

Spirited women, braw Highlanders and burning desires 

Seven new, stand-alone historical Highland romances, woven by the Guardians of Cridhe which bear this truth: "Even from the ashes of betrayal and sorrow, with faith, love and a little magic, wondrous things can emerge." 

The Pocket Watch by Ceci Giltenan 
Maggie Mitchell believes her broken heart will never mend, then she meets a mysterious elderly woman with an extraordinary pocket watch. Transported to the past, will the man Maggie meets there take away her pain, or put her heart in more danger than before? 

Lord Ruthven’s Bride by Tarah Scott 
Lady Annabelle is torn between two men. The man she is betrothed to and the man who saved her life. 

Jack: A Scottish Outlaw by Lily Baldwin 
Jack MacFie is a thief—with a code. Even though Lady Isabella Redesdale is a hated English noble, when her carriage is attacked by another band of villains, his conscience forces him to kidnap the lady to save her life. 

More alike than they first realize, Jack and Isabella both crave freedom from war and despair, but in a world where kings reign and birth dictates one’s station, freedom is not won, it is stolen. 

One Knight Standing by Kate Robbins 
Thrust together by desire and ancient secrets, William Gillies and Catherine St. Clair embark on a journey of discovery wrought with passion, intrigue, and adventure, revealing their true destiny. 

Winter Fire by Sue-Ellen Welfonder 
When Katla MacKenzie meets a dashing stranger in an enchanted place, she gladly gives her heart – and her passion – to the lover she only knows as the Lord of Winter. 

Gunnar MacLeod can’t resist the bonnie lass and seduces her—or is he the one seduced? A long-standing clan feud comes between them, but a heart that loves is powerful, and Gunnar will do whatever he must to claim Katla as his own. 

Highland Awakening by Kathryn Lynn Davis 
EsmĂ© Rose is content in Glen Affric, that is until a dream sends her on a perilous journey where she comes to know her own fears and strengths, and the transforming power of magic—even for a man who doesn’t believe. 

Highland Destiny by Victoria Zak 

Rory Cameron, an alluring Dragonkine Highlander, believes he has found his mate in Kenna Mackenzie. Kenna, running in fear from her betrothed, finds a secluded refuge in a glen far away from men—that is until a dragon swoops into her life. Feeling the burn of the seductive flames, will Kenna embrace the fire between them—or will she flee again? 


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Lord Ruthven’s Bride
Tarah Scott

“I appreciate your help, sir, but I am not in the habit of skulking about backstairs with strangers.”
“Ye have an odd sense of propriety, my lady.”
They turned another corner. Footsteps approached around the next turn in the hallway. Ruthven hurried her forward. They reached the bend and she started to turn, but he pulled her out onto a small balcony to the left. Fifty feet to the right, light spilled across the ballroom balcony. They descended four stairs to the lawn. Several paces across the grass, Annabelle glanced over her shoulder. Two figures stepped out onto the balcony they had exited. The grip on her arm tightened.
“Release me.” Annabelle jerked free of his hold.
Her slippered toes banged into something. She cried out as she pitched forward. Annabelle hit the ground shoulder first and rolled onto her stomach. The scent of freshly cut grass filled her nostrils and she spat the bitter blades from her mouth. Strong fingers seized her arm and pulled her to her feet.
“Are you hurt?” he demanded.
“I am now, you brute.” She grimaced at the lingering taste of grass.  
Ruthven started forward, pulling her alongside. “Count yourself fortunate I didn’t leave ye flat on your face.”
“Your manners are abominable. Didn’t your mother teach you to be polite?” She blew grass from her nose.
“About as much as your father taught you not to snoop in other people’s private affairs,” he replied.
“You mean like you were?”
“I am no’ a young woman,” he said.
Annabelle snorted. “That has nothing to do with the situation.”
“It has everything to do with the situation.”
“What were you doing in Lord Harley’s study?” she demanded.
“Apparently, the same thing you were doing,” he muttered
They drew closer to the ballroom balcony. A couple emerged from the ballroom. Ruthven slowed and pulled her into the shadows closer to the mansion.
“Sir,” she began.
The couple went down the stairs and turned their way. Ruthven swung Annabelle into his arms. His mouth crashed down on hers and Annabelle froze in a wave of sensations her mind struggled to reconcile with her body: the flex of his fingers through the thin silk of her dress. His lips, warm and soft, demanded submission...his hard chest pressed against her breasts.
He nipped at her lower lip and she gave a startled gasp that sucked his breath into her mouth. He tasted of brandy and lemon she realized with surprise. Annabelle leaned into him. Calum had never tasted like this. Calum had never kissed her like this. His kisses had been ardent, and she had thrilled when his full lips touched hers. But this...this was something altogether different.
Her head spun. Calum. Good Lord, what was happening? She struggled to wedge her palms between them. His arms tightened like iron bands around her waist. He broke the kiss and she drew a sharp breath while shoving at his chest, but he remained still as stone.
“Release me,” she ordered.
“Hush,” he ordered in a whisper. His attention remained fixed on something behind her.
Annabelle stiffened. “I beg your pardon?”
“I do no’ want to be seen with you.”
“Then there is no need to spend another moment in my company.”
“Did it occur to you that if anyone sees us alone your reputation will be in shreds?”
“If my reputation is shredded it will be because someone saw you mauling me.”
“Mauling?” He snorted with masculine amusement and his warm breath washed across her face. “Is that how ye respond to being ‘mauled’?”
Her mind flashed back to the kiss and her heart thudded. Calum would never forgive her if he learned she had—and Lord Ruthven had—her head swam. This escapade had gotten out of hand. She turned to leave, but Ruthven didn’t release her.
“Just another moment, lass,” he whispered.
From the corner of her eye, she glimpsed the couple she’d spotted earlier. They disappeared into the shadows beyond the torches and he released her.
She didn’t wait, but hurried to the balcony and up the stairs. She entered the ballroom and forced her legs into a sedate walk. Dancers filled the middle of the massive room. She passed a cluster of women. One woman stared at her. Annabelle continued past, then slowed when a couple’s gaze followed her progress. Had they somehow discovered she’d been in the garden with Ruthven and...Annabelle swallowed