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Finding Gabriel by Rachel L. Demeter Blitz, Review & Giveaway

Historical Romance
Date Published: eBook - August 27, 2015 / Paperback - September 24, 2015

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Colonel Gabriel de Laurent departed for the war intending to die.

After a decade of bloodstained battlegrounds while fighting in Napoleon's army, Gabriel returns to the streets of Paris a shattered and haunted soul. Plagued by inner demons, he swallows the barrel of his flintlock pistol and pulls the trigger.

But fate has a different plan.

Ariah Larochelle is a survivor. Orphaned at twelve and victim to a devastating crime, she has learned to keep her back to walls and to trust no one. But when she finds a gravely injured soldier washed up on the River Seine, she's moved by compassion. In spite of her reservations, she rescues him from the icy water and brings him into her home.

Now scarred inside and out, Gabriel discovers a kindred spirit in Ariah—and feelings he imagined lost forever reawaken as he observes her strength in the face of adversity. But when Ariah's own lethal secrets unfold, their new love is threatened by ancient ghosts. Can Gabriel and Ariah find hope in the wreckage of their pasts—or will the cycle of history repeat again?

Perfect for fans of Gaelen Foley's Lord of Ice and Judith James's Broken Wing, Finding Gabriel features all the dark romance, searing passion, and historical intrigue of The Phantom of the Opera and Les Misérables.
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Ariah stood beneath the immeasurable night sky as she admired the breathtaking view. She lost herself within the constellations, allowing those luxurious diamond strands to coil around her heart. Numberless stars reflected within the Seine’s glassy surface and set the water afire. Breathing deeply, Ariah reached out and folded her hands atop the stone balustrade.
This is where she’d found him. Her heart picked up speed as memories of that fateful night invaded her mind and body. Down below, water lapped against the embankment and infused the atmosphere with a soothing lull. A flashback of Gabriel’s motionless form materialized within the shadows . . . and Ariah’s chest constricted as she relived his every kiss and touch.
Then –
A gentle pressure whispered against her back. Gabriel’s unique aroma filled her spirit while strong arms enfolded her from behind. Somehow, some way, she’d known he’d be here tonight.
She sighed deeply and relaxed within his protective embrace. One hand lost itself in her curls and delicately sifted through the strands; the other applied subtle pressure to the base of her spine in a ghostlike caress. Breathless and at peace, she spiraled into a decadent trance. She drank in each sensation . . . the mesmerizing caress of his fingertips against her scalp, the wind’s crisp breath, the Seine’s haunting lamentations . . .
Gabriel brushed away the swarm of curls, exposing her ear to the night, and breathed against the fine cartilage. This was the moment she’d feared for weeks – the moment of their parting. Then he sang to her – his voice rich, warm, and sultry, and all other thoughts fell away.
“The gentle breath of winter sings,
It cools my brow and furls my wings.
And when the dusk at last descends,
I shall keep my hope, steel my heart, for never will thy love depart.
Now you are come all my grief is gone,
Let us forget those nights that never dawned.”
The rich cadence of his voice seduced her into calmness. Fighting to hold back tears, she rotated in his arms, never once leaving the security of his embrace. Indeed, she’d stay with him until the very end – and they wouldn’t part a moment sooner. She tilted her chin up and met his expressive gaze. The nearby oil lamp shone brightly behind Gabriel, silhouetting his strained features. She directed his body to the side, needing to see his eyes, directing the shadows from his face.
“You remember.”

Gabriel shook his head while a riot of emotions crossed his features. “I shall never forget.”

Though this story takes a bit (not that it's boring just complex) it's a good read. You are pulled into Gabriel's darkest hour and how hopeless he thinks his life has become. Then he is pulled back into Ariah's small world and everything that she struggles to live for. The past is a tangled mess for both of them but as they untangle each others they learn to love themselves and maybe how to really love someone. This story has so much thought sunk into it that you see the characters as 'real' and you can't help but to keep reading.

About the Author

Her movements ceased. The words struck a chord deep inside her chest. She connected her gaze with his and was rendered speechless by the naked anguish in his stare. Regret and desire were etched in every line of his face – but what stole her breath was something entirely different. For the second time, it was neither anger nor resentment that radiated from his eyes, but a longing so intense that it nearly overwhelmed her: hope.

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Naughty Reunions
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 I watched in horror as the twin towers collapsed, trying to remember if I’d told Scott I loved him before he left for New York.

Heartsong ~ Terry Rissen

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His for Tonight by Ravenna Russo

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* This novella is Book 2 of a 4-part serial, so watch out for cliffhangers--and one demanding, dirty-talking bad boy with a sexy accent who will melt your panties! *

Three days, three nights. Hot sex. No strings attached...maybe.

How did a sensible, serious Iowa college girl like me end up in a situation like this? I can explain.

I know it seems crazy. I never expected to find myself the paid escort of a superstar athlete with a sexy accent and wickedly talented hands. But all of a sudden, I’ve been swept into a world of bright lights, limousines and paparazzi.

We’re just supposed to be having a weekend fling. But it’s starting to feel like something more…something real. I’ve never responded to any guy the way I have to him. Everything is on the line now.

My heart most of all.

Please note: His for Tonight Book 2 is a New Adult romance novella of 20,000 words (about 75 pages). Contains graphic sex and language. Cliffhanger alert! This is Book 2 of a 4-part serial. Subscribe to Ravenna’s new-release newsletter to get an email as soon as Book 3 is published!   

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It’s dark by the time we arrive at our five-star hotel in Midtown Manhattan. The city lights beyond the windows of our suite are dazzling, like a neon constellation of greens and whites and reds glowing among the shadowy buildings. We’re in the penthouse—of course. It’s two thousand square feet of gleaming wood and glass, with dining and entertaining areas, a living room, a bar, a black grand piano…and a curving staircase that leads to a whole second level.
“I-I think I need to quit saying ‘Wow!’ all the time,” I stutter as I stand just inside the door, taking it all in, still wrapped in my cashmere coat. “You’re going to get really tired of hearing me say ‘Wow!’ But there’s just…no other word for this.”
“Go ahead.” Luciano chuckles.
He takes off his jacket and drops his key card on a coffee table, then holds a second key card out toward me. “One for me, one for you. The bedroom upstairs has a walk-in closet, a salon-size vanity in the bathroom, and a shower big enough to host a party in. There’s also a private gym on the upper level, and a terrace with a garden and a glass-bottom Jacuzzi.”
“Probably a little cold for that in January.”
“It’s heated. And I don’t think you and I would let a little snowy weather stop us.” He gives me a wicked grin. “The bell captain has already put your suitcase in the bedroom. Nico also sent a few things for you with the jacket this morning. Not that you’ll be needing any clothes.” He starts to unbutton the white shirt he’s wearing. “So…what do you want to do this evening, mia bella? We can get tickets to any Broadway show you might like. Have dinner at a five-star restaurant. Take in the view from the top of the Empire State Building. Or…” He pauses for a moment, his shirt dangling open. “We could stay here and have sex.”
I’m in his arms before he can say another word. Our mouths join in a fiery kiss. Despite the shattering orgasms we both had in the limo, it’s like we’re desperate for each other. I’ve never felt this way before. It’s like I can’t breathe unless he’s with me, touching me, holding me. I want him inside me. I need him inside me. More than I need anything New York City has to offer. More than I need air.
He strips out of the rest of his clothes, takes off my coat and sweater dress, and scoops me into his arms.
Dio, you look so fucking sexy in these boots. It will be a shame to take them off.”
I give him the same wicked grin he just gave me. “Then let’s not take them off.”
“They might be a problem when I tie you to the bed.”
When he carries me upstairs to the bedroom, I’m a little confused about exactly how he’s going to accomplish that. It’s a gorgeous room, the curtains drawn for privacy, the lighting turned low, the covers already folded back, little chocolates waiting on the pillows. But the king-size bed doesn’t have posts of any kind—just a padded leather headboard that fills most of the wall behind it.
“Umm, Luciano, there isn’t any way to tie me to the bed.”
He winks at me. “Trust me.”
When he sets me down in the middle of the mattress, I sink into the luxurious sheets, sighing. They’re so silky they must be like a million thread count. I move my hips, the soft sheets a delicious friction against my backside, still sensitive from the hard whipping he gave me with the flogger.
He kneels on the bed and remains poised above me for a moment, his weight balanced on his hands. I can’t help smiling as I gaze up at him, just enjoying the view—the way his tousled hair falls into his dark eyes, the powerful muscles of his chest and shoulders, those sculpted arms, the intricate tattoos that stand out against his tanned skin. Forget Broadway shows or Manhattan cityscapes; I could happily just look at him all night.
He brushes his mouth over mine. “Stretch your arms above your head, sexy signorina.”
I do as he says, still confused about what he has in mind.
He moves to the head of the bed and reaches beneath the mattress, pulling out a black cuff attached to a nylon strap. “The under-the-bed bondage system,” he explains. “Ideal for discreet, adventurous couples who like to travel. A brilliant invention by some enterprising American.”
He fastens the cuff around one of my wrists, then does the same on the other side. I pull experimentally and discover that my hands are, as promised, tied securely to the bed.

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His for Tonight (Book 1)

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Ravenna Russo believes in soulmates, naughty fun between consenting adults, and the healing power of happily-ever-after. HIS FOR TONIGHT is her erotic romance debut. Under another name, she has written for a traditional romance publisher and appeared on the USA Today bestseller list.

When she’s not glued to her laptop, her favorite things include sea-salt caramel anything, peep-toe pumps, and hot yoga. Not necessarily all at the same time. Married to her college sweetheart, Ravenna lives in the Midwest where she’s working on her next scorching hot romance. Subscribe to her new-release newsletter to be first to know when it’s published!

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Killshot by Aria Michaels

Killshot by author Aria Michaels

When 17 year old Liv Larson and her brother are sent to separate foster homes, she dedicates her every breath to getting him back. After months of solitude and anti-social behavior, her best friend Riley ropes her into a Rooftop Solar Flare Party. Despite the fascinating lights in the sky, Liv finds herself drawn, instead, to Zander- the boy with the crooked smile.

For a few hours, Liv’s troubles finally feel a bit less overwhelming—that is until what should have been a small flare erupts into a massive solar storm forcing them all to seek shelter in the school’s basement. Cut off from the rest of the world and with no signs of rescue, fear and paranoia set in and battle lines are drawn, dividing their ranks. What is left the group must embark on a perilous journey to save one of their own and find their families…but, something sinister awaits them in the shadows and it’s undeniably connected to Liv.

Can Liv keep her promise to reunite with her brother? What are she and her friends willing to do to survive? Will their bravery and determination be enough to save them all from a rogue government, a terrifying virus, and the things that go bump in the night…Or was Icarus, indeed, The Killshot?

Killshot (Icarus Series, Book One) Excerpt:
I rushed across the tile floor, keeping my head as low as possible. Stepping over a burning stool, I ducked beneath the singed remains of the swinging doors and out into the main entryway of the house. Fire trickled up the walls like an orange waterfall flowing backwards, sending bits of flaming paint and wallpaper fluttering to the floor around me. The fire was seeking higher ground and I needed to hurry if I was going to beat it.
I tightened the towel around my face again and took a deep breath. My lungs screamed in protest, but I fought the urge reject the toxic air as I dove forward into the unknown. Flashbacks of grade school fire-prevention assemblies flashed through my mind as I staggered towards the stairs. The fire fighters always said the same thing— stay low to the ground, cover your mouth and nose, and never ever go into a burning building.
Two out of three ain’t bad.
Mrs. Tate’s prized oak railing was still miraculously intact and I ran one hand along its smooth surface as I army-crawled to the top of the staircase. When I crested the top step, I slithered along the floor, keeping my hand against floor molding that ran the length of the hallway. I followed it past the bathroom, towards where Riley and I slept.
Unable to see through the wall of darkness, I found my way to Riley’s room by touch alone. The heat was all-consuming. My eyes watered uncontrollably, though I had no idea where my body had found the moisture and it did little to soothe the burning beneath my lids. My throat felt raw and tight, each breath like swallowing sand. I hacked and gagged as the smoke tried to force its way into my lungs.
It tasted of burnt plastic and chemicals and my tongue began to swell in protest. The paint above the trim was peeling away at my touch, curling as if it, too, was trying to escape the flames. I held the towel closer to my mouth and crawled on knees and elbows down the hallway.
I pulled myself up onto the balls of my feet, lunging head-first through Riley’s open door. I caught myself on the footboard of her bed, my left eye narrowly missing the sharp prong on a studded belt that hung there. I coughed and sputtered against the poisonous black cloud and followed the edge of the mattress to the old base drum Riley used as a nightstand. I sifted frantically through the tumbling stack of books, hair ties, and make-up until I found what I was looking for. I shoved it deep into my pocket and ducked back out into the smoke-filled hallway.
The cloud of poison had grown thicker now, forcing me back down to onto the floor. My backpack flopped from side to side, banging into my ribs as I skittered across the rough wood floors. From my vantage point, I could easily see beneath the door to my room, to the orange glow that awaited me on the other side. I shifted around so I was lying against my pack on the hard floor, the soles of my boots resting against my door. I held my breath, cranked my feet back, and thrust them as hard as I could into the door. On the third kick, it swung open and I rolled to the side as the knob slammed hard against the wall inside my room.
A wave of heat and flames burst through the door and into the hallway. As soon as the backdraft subsided, I scrambled across the floor into my room which was almost completely engulfed in flames. I could barely think as the smoke strangled and pressed me into the floor. The walls and ceiling bubbled under the bright orange tendrils. Pieces of plaster crashed down around me, as the texture disintegrated above me. The end of my bed was a wall of fire and the flames crept their way across my room.
I inched forward on my hands and knees, to my bedside table, and swiped blindly at the items on its surface. The lamp clattered across the table, one of the table’s legs gave out, and the entire thing crashed to the floor. The lamp shattered, sending shards of pink porcelain and broken glass hurtling towards my face. The rest of my bedside items scattered across the floor in all directions.
I slapped aimlessly at the floor around me, unable to see through the blackness closing in. I barely flinched when the rosy lamp shrapnel embedded itself in my hand, but nearly I lost it when my hand finally landed on that stupid stuffed lion. I grabbed my courage by the tail, stuffed him up the front of my shirt, and made my way out of the scorched remains of the princess bedroom, gagging as my lungs burned in my chest. I crawled along the old wood floor, board by board and by the time I reached the top of the stairs they were fully consumed by flames.
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Displaying Photo Aria Michaels.jpg
Aria Michaels is the author of the Best-Selling young adult dystopian novel Killshot (Icarus Series, Book One) as well as its companion novella, Before the Sky Fell. In addition to her career as an author, Aria Michaels is an avid reader, die-hard zombie fan and enthusiastic lover of bonfires and red wine. When she is not glued to her computer pouring out the voices in her head, Aria can be found playing in the dirt with her boys, painting, or binge-watching The Walking Dead with her husband. Don't let her mild-mannered smile fool you…this woman has lofty ambitions that include complete global domination. She is determined to live in a world where every pair of yoga pants comes with a free book, an iced caramel macchiatto and a magic force-field that repels the sound of screaming children (of which she has six). In the meantime, Aria is hard at work on the next installment of the Icarus Series, reveling in her role as instigator of literary mayhem and stealth assassin of fictional characters. 

For more information about Aria Michaels and the Icarus Series, be sure to check out her website at 

"You are never more than one choice away from a different future." --Aria Michaels

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