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Review:Conquered by A Highlander by Paula Quinn

Conquered by a Highlander  (Children of the Mist #4)
Publication Date: May 2012
353 Pages
Barnes and Noble

Book Description


Colin MacGregor was born to fight-for his beliefs, his king, and his family's honor. After years away from his beloved Scotland, he yearns to return to its lush, green hills-and he can, after he completes one final mission for the king. Sent to infiltrate a traitor's home, Colin is determined to expose the treasonous plot and triumph on the battlefield . . . until he meets a sensual lass who tempts him towards other pursuits . . . .


Lady Gillian Dearly is no stranger to temptation. Cast out of her family for bearing an illegitimate child, she's now the ward of a barbarian conspiring against the king. Her only desire: freedom for her son and for herself at any cost, even if it means making a deal with the devil. Yet when a mysterious Highlander appears in their midst, his braw strength and smoldering gaze give her hope for a future beyond the castle walls-and promise a desire unlike any she's ever known. But passion comes at a price . . .

My Review:

This story is slow to get to the romance, but still good.  4 Stars
The story is very well written.
Gives lots of details of Lady Gillian's life harsh as it is and what she is suffering. Shows the love she has for her son. Captain George is set to protect her from all males including her cousin who she resides with. Devon wants her, but degrades her and threatens her son's life every chance he gets.
Devon is waiting for Prince William to arrive, and fight for the crown.
Colin is sent my King James to spy on Devon and get information of the Prince. Soon Colin is in charge of protecting Gillian and her son. He has fallen in love with them both.
He finds a way to get them away from her cousin and into protective care where they will be safe.

 I was drawn into this story even with the slow to get to romance.  Even without the hot and heavy romance of most books this is a good story. There is romance, but you don't see it really come out until closer to the end where of course they declare their eternal love.
No major fighting like in some other historical romance books.

This is part of a series and I should probably go find the rest of the books, but this book is a great stand alone. The others aren't really needed for any background information.

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Bought, Borrowed, and Bagged #4

BB&B (Bought, Borrowed and Bagged) is a weekly meme, inspired my The Story Siren and Pop Culture Junkie, where we share with you the books that we have bought, borrowed or bagged (won) plus a recap of the previous week's reviews, upcoming reviews, on going events and book movie or television news. 


The Witch Sisters by Alma Katsu (from Smashwords)
Coffin Girls by Aneesa Price 
Indigo & Iris by C.M. Stunich 

For Review

Night Aberrations by J.D. Nelson 
Bonded By Crimson by Zrinka Jelic 



Snowy Night with A Highlander by Julia London
Horror Bent by Brian Bigelow
Amethyst by Lauren Royal (Smashwords)

Blog Bulletin

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* Review coming for Conquered by a Highlander by Paula Quinn
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Review: Sea of Secrets

Review: Sea of Secrets by Amanda DeWees


Published January 2012

Book Description: After her brother is killed in the Crimean War, innocent young Oriel Pembroke finds herself alone in the world. Disowned by the cruel father who has always despised her, she has nowhere to turn until she is taken under the wing of a glamorous relative she never knew: the former Duchess of Ellsworth, who has scandalized society by remarrying soon after her first husband's death. At the opulent seaside estate of Ellsmere, Oriel thinks she has found a safe haven--but the darkly handsome young duke, Herron, believes otherwise. Haunted by the death of his father, he suspects that Ellsmere is sheltering a murderer.

Even as Oriel falls in love with the duke, she begins to fear that his grief and suspicion are turning to madness. When dangerous accidents start to befall both Herron and Oriel, however, she realizes that someone may be trying to stop them from discovering the truth about the past. And when her father comes back into her life, she learns that he may hold the answer to the most horrifying secret of all...

My review:
Awesome book, absolutely!  I truly got hooked, very hooked-but not until after the first couple chapters.  This book has so much going for it: Romance, historical setting, mystery, murder, a little touch of Gothic, and of course scandal!
 After Oriel goes to live with her aunt, the Duchess, she learns of family secrets and deceit  among the family.  Herron, pushes his disbelief onto her and soon she is questioning everyone's personality and actions.
All her life Oriel believes herself to be plain and a bother-enforced by her father's cruel words. Even before she left his house, he reminded her of how worthless she was and how she always was in his way.  After moving in with her aunt, she finds she is smart, tough, and pretty.  She soon becomes the young Duke's confidant and she reveals his "thoughts" to her.  She is worried for him, more so because she has fallen in love with Herron (young Duke).  Together, yet separately, they try to uncover the secrets leading to his father's death.
Oriel's father shows up, then strange accidents occur to both her and Herron. Oriel soon learns her father's cruelty goes farther than words.

My Opinions on the main characters:
Oriel:  she was tougher, smarter, and prettier than she thought, Brave
Herron: almost childish behavior, but learned a lot at the end and made peace with everyone.
Oriel's father: Cruel man who got what he deserved.
Claude: weak, but loving, easily manipulated
Charles: strong, quiet and dependable
Duchess: outstanding, understanding and strong. Calm, cool and collected!!!

I just wish the couple who ended up together was different.  I think it could've been a great love match.  But I guess, that would change a lot in the story.  And I can't say too much without giving away to much of the story.  Oriel did choose a good guy and sounded like they would have a HEA.
I just want to know one last thing? Who killed the late Duke?  there were several hints as to who.

To find out more about the author check out her website
or visit her on Facebook.


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Snowy weekend

Well, its a snowy weekend here.  That means bundling up and staying warm! Cuddling up with a book and some coffee.  Ok, so I won't really get to do much of that.  I have to take the little one out to play in the snow while I freeze my tushy off!  So, I don't know why the pictures look like its almost dark out.  Its just 4pm, so its still plenty daylight out.  But here you go, this is what it looks like here where I am.
This is our side yard, and neighbor's driveway
Right in front of the house.
We live on a fairly main road, this is the road coming down in front of our house

I am not a winter gal, I love me some heat and sunshine.  I would rather be sweating it out in the sun than freezing, bundled up inside.  But I do have some warm snow clothes to layer on, so in just a little bit I will be heading outside to play. 
Later though, I have some great books to read.  My kindle is loaded up!  Right now, I am reading Amanda DeWees- Sea of Secrets.  I will have the review up for this later this weekend.  Great book, run out or log on and get yourself a copy!

I am making myself another pot of coffee, not to get energy but to stay warm!!!
So my lovely friends, what are you reading this weekend?  Whats the weather like?

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Tasting Never: Review, giveaway and Interview

Review:  Tasting Never by C.M. Stunich

Buy on  Amazon 

About the Author : 
Find out all about her and her other books at C.M.Stunich

Book Description (from Amazon)
Tasting Never, a New Adult Novel Recommended for Ages 18 and Up
Never say Never Trilogy: Book One. Book Two, Finding Never will be available on February 2nd, 2013!
"Never Ross wants to be loved.
It's that simple, but it's not that easy."
Never is a girl with a broken soul who doesn't date nice guys and can't seem to go to bed at night without crying herself to sleep. She doesn't need any complications in her life, especially not when they're attached to a man that could be her emotional twin.
Ty McCabe can't stand Never the first time he meets her. He's aware that the feeling's mutual and the two don't think they'll ever see each other again, but when fate takes a hand and puts them both in the wrong place at the wrong time, Ty and Never form a tentative friendship that opens the door on their dark sides and shows them what it's like to live in the light.
"Sometimes, the only way to go forward, is to take a few, careful steps back."
***Enjoy adult contemporary romance? Look for C.M. Stunich's latest release, Broken Pasts, available January 15th, 2013. "You can't escape your past by running from it." 

 My Review:
I give this book roughly four stars.  I did really like the story and I was all into it.  I don't normally read stories of this nature, of a "troubled" person.  But it was good.   
Never always seemed to be running away or pushing people away.  She was depressed, she didn't want to let anyone get close to her or for her to become attached,and a lot of the times rude/hateful.
Her coping was to be rude or have sex with random strangers, and then when Ty comes into the picture she just blows him off!
I do love how the author wrote Ty.  I loved how even though Ty was just as "broken" as Never he helped her and helped her change.  I was glad Never finally became friends with her roommate and starting opening up even just a little.  I know some would say the change in Never was small, but I think she made big steps.  I loved how she expressed her feelings on giving Ty her last chance, and even better she was his as well.  
And the end was great.   I look forward to finding out what Ty's story is and how things progress with Never and Ty.

This story does show that being friends does make for a good relationship.

Check out what this great author is giving away,

Why the name Never 
 "Why the name Never?" ... Like some things in life, it was unexpected and completely random. The name just appeared on the page like it was summoned, and I couldn't get it out of my head. It was as if there was another universe out there, already formed, waiting for someone to tell its story. I've never written a book that was more "there" than "Tasting Never." I didn't have to think about what was going to happen or why, it just did.

What was your favorite scene in Tasting Never?
That is a super big toughie for me because I'm head over in heels in love with this book, but if I had to pick one, it would be the scene where Never and Ty go to the Sexual Obsession Group. I particularly like when Never starts to act like a little pill!
“My name is Never, and I'm a sex addict. Can I go now?” There are some nervous chuckles around the group, but Vanessa sees right through me.
“That's great that you can admit that, Never, but we're not about twelve steps or confessions or any of that bullshit here. We're real people with real problems. Do you have a problem, Never?”
“I don't know,” I reply honestly. “Is being promiscuous a problem? Men have been praised for centuries for doing exactly what I'm doing. I go out, find guys I like, and fuck them. Maybe I'm just a stud?”  (Great scene!!!)

 Do you listen to music while you write?
 Absolutely! I only do one of two things: listen to Pandora Internet Radio or listen to a very small, very specialized playlist that drives everyone in my house nuts! The most I have ever have on my playlists are twenty songs that play so many times that iTunes has their "Plays" listed in triple digits! There are occasions that I need complete silence to write or on the opposite page, lots of random noise. It just depends on the book, the character, and the mood!

 What book is next for you?

  Well, I just released a new romance novel a few days back called "Broken Pasts" about a woman who hires a sexy bodyguard to protect her from her stalker ex.
Writing that was strange because it's almost the complete opposite of the tone I needed for "Tasting Never," but I think it gave me a nice break from the emotional roller coaster that Never is on. At this moment, I'm working on the second book to "Tasting Never" called "Finding Never." It comes out in just over a week, on February 2nd, 2013.
Never Ross and Ty McCabe have come a long way – but they can't stop now. Their pasts are still there, ready to sweep over and consume them if they don't confront them. A visit to Never's family seems like the first logical step, but will it make things better or worse? And what about Noah Scott? Ty is Never's tortured other half, but can he also be the healing balm that she so desperately needs? With McCabe's past still a virtual unknown, Never is going to have to make more than one decision capable of breaking both their hearts.
 What genre do you like to read? I know authors don't always read the type of books they write.
 Ah, well, my heart lies in the paranormal genre. I heart me some urban fantasy and young adult! I love smart mouthed heroines, dirty love scenes, and scores of fantastical creatures. And despite what folks might say, vampires are not dead! I will never get tired of fanged hotties. I occasionally stray into high fantasy territory and on the opposite end of the spectrum, I sometimes read regular old romance novels. Only recently have I gotten into the New Adult craze.

Where did Never's story come from?
This is hard for me to explain because all of my stories start off as strange, little seeds in the back of my mind. If I told you exactly where it all came from, I would be lying because I honestly don't know. Sometimes I feel like Never exists in some alternate version of the universe, and she's just using me to tell her story. Never and Ty's journey is so powerful that I often feel like I'm just along for the ride and can't dare call myself the creator of it. Either way, I'm glad they've decided to have me along because they've touched me in ways my other characters never have.

Thank you C.M. Stunich for joining me here today and answering my questions!

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Bought, Borrowed and Bagged

BB&B (Bought, Borrowed and Bagged) is a weekly meme, inspired my The Story Siren and Pop Culture Junkie, where we share with you the books that we have bought, borrowed or bagged (won) plus a recap of the previous week's reviews, upcoming reviews, on going events and any news we want to share with our followers. 

This weeks post is covering January 6-13.

free from Amazon

Pieces of Dreams by Jennifer Blake
Lord Stillwell's Excellent Engagements by Victoria Alexander

from Julie Cassar & Ebook Lovers Co-op (contest)
The Duke is Mine by Elosia James

 Bite Before Christmas by Lynsay Sands and Jeaniene Frost.

 Happy reading everyone!!!!  I have a lot of books to read, but most of the actual books are packed up, so I will be clearing out my kindle!!!  

Upcoming Post:
*Review of Tasting Never and Mini-Interview with C.M. Stunich 
* Review of Sea of Secrets by Amanda Dewees 

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Review: Breaking the Nexus by Lindsay Avalon

Review: Breaking the Nexus by Lindsay Avalon

Barnes and Noble

Published December 2012


 Book Description:

 *** Breaking the Nexus is finally here!! The story continues in book 2, Waking the Phoenix, coming in Spring 2013! ***

Throughout history, myths and legends of extraordinary creatures have been told and retold. Fantastic tales of demons and banshees, gryphons and dragons, and of course, magic. Stories that every child grows to learn are nothing more than fantasy…or are they?

Beyond the world you see lies a hidden realm, the Mythrian Realm, inhabited by all of the creatures you’ve been told are mere fiction. Only one thing lies between humans and the truth: the Nexus. A magical barrier erected millennia ago to separate the two realms, it has stood the test of time. Until now.

For Mythrian Sha Phoenix, magic is nothing new. But when she stumbles upon a portal on the verge of collapse, her fate will forever change. Pulled through the portal into the Human Realm, she lands in the middle of Detective Connor Flynn’s brutal murder scene. Soon it is obvious someone is using blood magic to try to bring down the Nexus. Together, Connor and Sha must work to unravel the secrets before the barrier falls and the realms collide.

The Nexus is breaking and all hell is about to unleash…literally.

*** Warning this book contains two graphic sex scenes featuring a sexy detective ***


My Review:

4.5 stars 
I was given this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.

And Let me be honest, at first I just wasn't into it. It took me longer to read the first couple chapters and get into the story that normal. But once I got reading and the story got going, I was hooked.
I loved the chemistry and attraction between Sha and Connor, very hot! Much better chemistry in this book than in the last erotica book I read!! lol
Sha is impulsive and Connor is usually by the books and this was working good for them in this story. Ian, Conner's partner on the Detective squad, also has a connection with Conner-that best-friend know what you're doing connection.
As all Hell breaks loose Sha and Connor fall in love, find clues to a series of murders and stop the world from ending.
  Sha falls into the Human Realm from Mythrian right into the middle of a crime scene, in walks Detective Connor Flynn.  Instant attraction.  As the story unfolds, we see telepathy, banshees, a wendigo, and demons, not to mention the other fantasy creatures that  are mentioned in the book.For me as a reader, relatively new to Paranormal books, this was great. I think this series will be a big hit. And this new author did a great job
I can't gush over the book more without spilling things that happen in the book and ruin it for you.
But highly recommend for you to read.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Last Debutante by Julia London

Julia London (a favorite author of mine) is releasing her newest book from the Hadley Green Series in February.  I am part of her "Street Team" so I am here to promote this great book, and series.

Book Decription:
Who is the captive and who is the captor? When a sexy laird holds a spirited English lady for ransom, she turns the tables and steals his heart. The lush Scottish Highlands are a tempting setting for seduction in New York Times bestselling author Julia London’s sparkling new novel.

The last person Daria Babcock expects to find in her grandmother’s home is a brawny, naked Highlander. She doesn’t buy Mamie’s explanation about finding the poor man shot in the woods. Nor does she trust the gorgeous laird, who insists his own memory fails him. But Daria came to Scotland looking for adventure and romance, and after the intriguing stranger kidnaps her, she gets her wish—and so much more. . . 

Barnes and Noble

(Book 4 in series)

More information about Julia London and the Hadley Green Series here

Other books in the series:

The Year of Living Scandalously
The Revenge of Lord Eberlin
The Christmas Secret, ebook only                                                                                                                                          
The Seduction of Lady X


Review : The Little Purple Book of Passions

Review: The Little Purple Book of Passions
by Thomas Hunter Dillon and Sierra Sofia

Barnes and Noble

 The Little Purple Book of Passions is what you secretly fantasize about, but are too nervous to admit. Thomas Hunter Dillon and Sierra Sofia have exposed some of their own hidden desires and sultry moments, and compiled them into sixteen sexy scenarios that include a little something for everyone. The phrase "inspired by true events" may come to mind as you sit back and get lost in their world of erotic encounters. Whether you are looking for something a little spicy to shake things up in your bedroom or you simply want to lose yourself in a sensual fantasy world, The Little Purple Book of Passions is sure to ignite the fire inside!

My Review:
2 Stars
I received this book from the author for an honest review.

This is a good book of short erotica stories. Not great, but okay. Not something that got me all hot and bothered by any means. Some of the chapters or stories were not awful but not good.
I truly did not like chapter 1, I started it and then skipped it. I would not have read the book if it all was written like chapter 1, but at least it got somewhat better. 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Review: Alice Parker's Metamorphosis

Alice Parker's Metamorphosis by Nicola Palmer
Buy on Amazon
 Book Description:
Thirteen-year-old Alice Parker knows something isn't right; mysterious aches and pains, a craving for sugar that’s out of control. Suddenly she is top of the class in every subject.

Baffled by what is happening to her and feeling at odds with the world, Alice can't take much more. Only when she collapses and experiences a life-changing transformation does she discover why she is different.

But this new, incredible identity brings its own challenges and Alice isn't convinced she can rise to them. She just wants to be normal!

The fact is she's anything but...

My Review:
I was given this book by the author for an honest review.
I was engrossed by page 40, and I'm an adult. This book is classed as middle-grade read, but good for all.
Alice Parker is a 13 yr old going through some changes, but not normal teenage changes.  The story includes some mystery, an underground village and fantasy.
The story also teaches young teens a great lesson after Alice befriends a snobby girl at school.  She learns that being nice goes along way and that people aren't always how they seem in front of others.  She learns that Lucinda is actually a nice person.
Finished this story quickly, I just wanted to keep reading. Looking forward to the second book.

Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year, New Me: goals not resolutions

New Year, New Me:
I know, everyone always says they are gonna change or make changes in the new year.  But I am really going to try this year. 

We will be moving into a new house this year, and it’s like a new start.  Especially since we are moving in February.  So I am setting up some goals now, and well we will see how they pan out.

  • Better Housewife-  I am a great wife and mom.  But not so great at keeping a good house, I will be the first to admit it. Lol.  But this year, with moving into a bigger house, I am determined to be better.  So that’s my goal.  Have a cleaner house, which means less computer time during the day.

  • Workout- I’m tiny naturally, but I would like to be fit and in shape.  I know I don’t need to loose weight, but I want to be fit.  Besides my hubby is at the gym practically everyday! And now my stepson is going with him almost everyday, can’t have them both looking great and not me too!! Plus now, I’ll have more room to move around.

  • Review all books I read.  Okay, this is an easy one now.  But it wasn’t before, it could’ve been easy I just didn’t do it.  See before, I would just read a book and move on without reviewing.  Now, I want to post my reviews and get my opinions out there.  Why not?  Everyone has an opinion, and my review could help someone.

  • Get more followers- this is where you guys come into play!! Please help spread the word of my blog and help me get out there too. 

  • Have giveaways at least once a month!

  • Maybe get a part-time job- we could always use the extra money to help out around here at home.  And it could also help me with better giveaways, the more money I have- the more stuff I can mail out to the winners!!!!

  • I have set myself a reading challenge on for 125 books.  I think I can do that.  In 2012, I read 100 books.  But I didn’t start keeping accurate account until around April.

Ok, I think that is it.  Now its your turn, tell me at least one of your goals for this New Year (2013, gotta practice “writing” that)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Bought, Borrowed and Bagged #2

BB&B (Bought, Borrowed and Bagged) is a weekly meme, inspired my The Story Siren and Pop Culture Junkie, where we share with you the books that we have bought, borrowed or bagged (won) plus a recap of the previous week's reviews, upcoming reviews, on going events and any news we want to share with our followers.

I didn’t post some of the books I got before Christmas.  So this post will cover all the books (that I remember or noted) from December 14 through today (January 3)


(for review)
 Breaking the Nexus by Lindsay Avalon

Won/Gifted by Maggie Shayne
 Forgotten Vows by Maggie Shayne

Won From Ebooks Lovers Co-Op
Under a Vampire Moon by Lynsay Sands


 Tasting Never by C.M. Stunich

Free from Amazon
A Christmas Miracle by Willow Cross 
 Forbidden Touch by K.S. Haigwood

The Eternal Gift by Candy Crum
 Faelan by Anita Clenney

Worth the Scandal by Karen Erickson
Unleashed (The Highland Historical Trilogy) by Kerrigan Byrne


Blog stop here on January 23

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Review:Shadows and Voices by Jason Ellis

A Holly Silverstone Adventure,  Shadows and Voices by Jason Ellis

Buy on Amazon

(Young Adult/teen read)

Book Description:   Meet young Holly Silverstone, the girl who sees daisies turn to butterflies ... who dreams of places that she has never been to ... who is invited to study at the elusive and enchanting Highlands Academy of truth and excellence.

The voices will come, one-thousand and one, the voices will come. Fear is the key, fear to see. The voices will come, one-thousand and one, the voices will come.

As Holly took a sip of her tea and held the piece of paper between her fingers, veins of ink slowly crept across the paper. She wanted to drop it and scream … yet a more powerful part of her made the fingers on her hands grasp the letter even tighter and her eyes open wider.
The ink seeped and whirled around, forming words;

We have a question for you, Holly.
Do you want to know how the daisies turned to butterflies?

My Review:
this book was given to me by the author for honest review.
I thought the book was just ok. I felt like I was reading forever and never going to finish.
But let me say that it did have a good basic story line.
There are a lot of stories being told in one, but they all tie together it just takes awhile to see that
Holly is a bright but different kid and will be starting the school year at a special school. (you can think along the lines of Harry Potter, but its different) she ends up helping one of her tutors with a mystery and should be getting in trouble with the rules she has broken, but she doesn't. I'm not sure if I want to read book 2 or not at this moment.

My daughter is also currently reading this book.  When she is finished I will post her review as well.  I'm sure hers will be different from mine.