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Review: The Descendant by Kelley Grealis

Paperback, 292 pages
Published May 24th 2012 by Kg Publishing

Book Description

Allison Carmichael wakes from a car wreck with no memory of the past three years. She doesn’t recall her husband’s death or how she alienated her friends, and she definitely doesn’t remember anything about her new boyfriend Vincent Drake – a charismatic man with a penchant for rare and unique possessions. In fact, the only things familiar to Allison are her seemingly common ailments – insomnia, lack of appetite, erratic body temperature – which have gone undiagnosed and are worsening.

But Vincent knows exactly who, and what, Allison is – a mortal descendant of the first vampire. He is a vampire who has watched over Allison and her ancestors since the biblical times of Cain and Abel ensuring their secret is kept. Once he realizes Allison’s symptoms are accelerating and transforming her, he’ll stop at nothing to have her.

Allison discovers that she is a descendant and the first of her kind to exhibit signs of vampirism. She must decide between risking her mortal death if she cannot control her symptoms or fully transforming into a vampire and damning her soul for eternity. A decision made even more difficult when Allison discovers that Vincent has manipulated her life, and everyone in it, so that he can have the one thing no one else in the world has – the first descendant-turned-vampire.

THE DESCENDANT – A Vampire Tale of Biblical Proportions

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My review:

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.
I must say, this book gives a different outlook on the history of Vampires.  I loved this history lesson.
The Descendant was extremely well written. and the story flows so well.
Characters are so awesome and mix/work together.  I don't know what I would do in Allison's position, and Vincent~OMG.  OMG, he sounds stellar in looks but I hated him by the end of the book but fell in love with Marlo- she was a sweetheart and looked out for Allison in so many ways! 
Now I need to get my hands on book 2!

About the Author

Kelley Grealis was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. She has a B.A. in Accounting from Baldwin-Wallace College and a Masters of Business Administration from Cleveland State University. She has loved all things vampire since she was a little girl, and it was that passion combined with thirteen years of Catholic schooling, that inspired her to write THE DESCENDANT. She lives in a Cleveland suburb with her husband and their two cats. Kelley enjoys running, bicycling, motorcycle riding, gardening, and feeding the wildlife that visits her backyard.
Image of Kelley Grealis

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Cover Reveal: The Perfect Distraction
TITLE - The Perfect Distraction (Book #1)
AUTHOR - Melissa Rolka
GENRE - New Adult


When Katherine “Kate” leaves for her freshmen year at college, a grounded and stable piece of her is missing.  She pushes away the ghosts of her past, determined to start her college life single, carefree and distracted. 
Throughout high school Kate was reserved and shy, with little experience.  Now, on her own, with little holding her back, Kate is ready to branch out.  She bonds with a tight knit group of friends and even starts casually dating.  What starts out as innocent flirting on the tennis courts slowly turns into a friendship and eventually something more complex.  Reed comes into her life giving her the distraction she craves more than anything; but is she ready to give her heart away so easily?

Things get complicated when Kate’s ex-boyfriend and first love continues to pursue her.  Kyle deeply regrets breaking her heart when he left for college the year before and is now on a mission to reclaim her.  Kyle’s persistence and relentlessness is nothing short of obsessive.  He will stop at nothing to win her back and prove his love.

Kate finds herself torn between her past and the unknown of the future.  Her determination to stay distracted may just be her downfall or the beginning of something new and wonderful.

 EXCERPT -    

I don’t even care that there are now three different girls talking to Reed.  I sneak up behind him and tap him on the shoulder.  He turns around and the look of shock and surprise on his face causes me to start giggling.  He turns completely around with his back to the other three girls and gives me a smile that touches his blue eyes.  His squared jaw highlights his smile perfectly.  In this instant of a moment I decide I want to kiss Reed even if it’s just for fun and to forget.“You’re kidding me.  Wow!  I can’t believe you came here.”
“I told you we would.  You didn’t think I would do it, did you?”
“Honestly, no, but I was hoping.  I never see you out on the weekends anymore, so this is a great surprise.”
We stand there for a minute and then he orders me a beer.  I take it, but nurse it.  I’ve had a bit much already and don’t want the spins.  He asks me and Quinn to play a game of pool with him and Matt.  Matt wants to play girls against guys, but Reed says no way that he wants me on his team.  I warn him that I am not that good, but alcohol may help my case. 
We play the game and I actually do pretty well.  Reed touches me every chance he gets and is very flirty.  It’s my turn and I have to bend over to make a shot, but to be honest I forget that I have a dress on. 
“Shit, Katherine,” he lets out in a bit of gruff tone and walks up behind me to cover me. 
I laugh at him.  “Oops, I forgot about my dress.”
“You look good enough as it is and now with a dress on.  Jesus, I don’t need to get in a fight.”  He is still pressed behind me as I continue to make my shot.  I miss completely because to be honest I’m completely distracted.
“I doubt anyone noticed, but thanks for protecting me.”  He steps back and I turn around.  I decide to be bold and kiss his cheek.
“Trust me, you were noticed.”  He moves a piece of hair from my face and the touch sends a chill through me.  “God, you are so beautiful.” 


Melissa Rolka grew up in the Chicagoland area all of her childhood and has always had a love of writing. She started by keeping a journal at a young age and then in high school she started writing poetry. A couple poems were published anonymously. Then in college she majored in Philosophy, which required lots and lots of writing. After graduating from Marquette University she traveled west to Los Angeles. There she worked for the Writers Guild of America and found herself submerged in the writers world. She worked on small writings, but never pursued them. On the side she became involved with a small theater group. Eventually she made her way back to the Midwest, where her heart belongs, and worked in business for several years. She found love, got married and has two beautiful children. Being at home has allowed her to keep following her love of reading and writing.The Perfect Distraction is her first full length novel. A second continuation of this story is in the works with hopes for a third. When Melissa is not writing she is caring for, playing with and loving her two kids. In between taking care of her family and writing she almost always has her nose buried in her Kindle.


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Review and Interview: Unspoken Bonds by Michelle Grey

Paperback, 300 pages
Published September 26th 2013 by Lucky 13 Unlimited 

Book Description:

Being summoned to the emergency room to interpret for deaf patients is nothing new for Rachel Mansfield. But finding herself interpreting for a scared, abandoned little girl with nothing but a note pinned to her shirt? Well, that’s a first.
An instant bond forms between them, and Rachel’s protective instincts kick into high gear as Lily’s mysterious past meets an uncertain future. As hours turn into days, Rachel’s biggest worry is that they won’t find Lily’s family. Until she meets Lily’s uncle, Garrett. Then he becomes her biggest worry.
Betrayed by his family, Garrett Staker knows his path. He’s plotted every step. And as he closes in on his most important business goal, one thing is certain -- his plan doesn’t include assuming responsibility for a niece who was presumed dead after his sister’s murder.
Despite the undercurrent of attraction, Rachel and Garrett are at odds over Lily’s future. But as Garrett’s business comes under attack from within, and the questions about Lily’s past loom larger, they must find a way to work together. Their lives, and Lily’s, depend on it.

My Review:

I was given this book in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Michelle.

I did love this book, maybe more than Dangerous Ally! I couldn't wait for my reading time while reading this book and was very upset when my kindle died on me!!
This story makes you go through many emotions and will have you hooked. I know I can't wait for another book by Ms. Grey!
I was amazed by the knowledge displayed by the author on the subject of Lily and her hearing.
Lots of little surprises and shockers.But all well worth it.

Interview with Author

Welcome to Eskimo Princess Blog! So happy to have you here.  First can you start by telling us a little about yourself?  Give us something Juicy J

Thank you so much for allowing me to stop by! I’m the mother of four amazing kids and I just celebrated 26 years of marriage to my best friend, Jim. I’ll save the juicy parts, but just say that we’re having more fun now together than when we were eighteen. ;-) In addition to being a wife and mom, I’m blessed to call myself a four-year survivor of ovarian cancer.

  1. When did you know you wanted to be an author? When did you first start writing? Writing has always been fun for me, and throughout the years while we were raising kids and just being generally “busy”, I shelved the dream until a few years ago when my mom lost her battle with cancer. I got to wondering if she’d had dreams or desires that she’d never fulfilled, which naturally led me to ask that question of myself. It was then that I decided to dust off my dream of becoming a novelist. Not long after that, I started putting words on the page.

  1. How do you stay motivated while you’re writing? It’s funny, but writing gives me energy. I feel more alive and fulfilled when I’m putting a story together than with anything else I’ve ever done professionally. So, for me, finding motivation isn’t the tough part. Now finding time? That’s another story.

  1. What was the last book you read? I’ve been enjoying a few indie authors lately. The last book I read was Between Faith and Fear by J.A. Dennam.

  1. Who are you dying to meet? Reed Timmer. He’s an amazing storm chaser and I really need him for research on my next novel.

  1. What was your favorite part of Unspoken Bonds? With any novel I write (or read for that matter), my favorite part is watching the characters develop and change. And both Rachel and Garrett had quite a bit of growing to do. J My favorite scene though was probably when Rachel and Garrett’s first meet. I loved their interactions and the humongous gulf between their ideologies.

  1. This would technically be book 2, Dangerous Ally was first, would you suggest to your readers to read book 1 before reading Unspoken Bonds?  While the books have related characters, it’s not necessary to read them in order. I always prefer to read in order, but that’s just me. In fact, the next book, which is still untitled, is the story of Jack Mathis (Garrett’s best friend in Unspoken Bonds), and once again, you won’t have to read the previous books to jump into his life.

  1. What can we expect next? And When? As I mentioned, Jack’s story is next up where the case he worked on in the background of Unspoken Bonds comes to the forefront. And, as you might guess, getting back on the trail of the killer is going to lead him smack into a woman who is going to rock his world. We’re looking at a mid-summer 2014 release.

  1. This story is really about Lily and her hearing, how much research did you have to do?  Cause wow! The details were great and very knowledgeable. Thank you! While I took a little bit of creative license, I owe a huge debt of gratitude to some amazing ladies at St. Luke’s Midwest Ear Institute. They walked me through Lily’s situation from beginning to end as if she were their real patient. It was fabulous and I learned a lot in the process!

About the Author

Michelle Grey 
Michelle Grey has always been an avid lover of books. After surviving a run-in with ovarian cancer, Michelle decided that there would never be a better time to pursue her dream of becoming a romantic suspense author. Her debut novel, Dangerous Ally, launched in January 2013 followed by Unspoken Bonds, which released in September 2013.

Michelle lives in the Midwest with her husband of twenty-five years and has four amazing and unique children, a great son-in-law, and a beautiful granddaughter. For her, any day that involves family, writing, or reading is a great day, indeed.


Cover Reveal: Touched by You by T.H. Snyder

Title: Touched By You
Author: T.H. Snyder
Genre: New Adult Romance
Release Date: October 31


Chloe and Derrick have spent most of their lives together as friends and as lovers; they have formed a connection that few couples can make last. This duo is bound by one thing that no one can destroy. They have been touched by one another and no one can take that away. 
That is until one of them is forced to make a decision and their lives take on a different path. 
Can these two withstand the reality of what lies ahead? Are they able to hold a relationship together with just the mere fact that they may love each other? Is it possible to maintain a bond that no one else has been able to touch?
Chloe and Derrick may have the relationship others dream about, but sometimes things do get in the way and it can be impossible to forgive and forget.
“My I have this dance?” I ask.
“I can’t believe this night Derrick, it’s our song.”
“It sure is angel. Come on let’s dance to it.”
I walk her over to the small dance floor area and swing her around in my arms. As we dance to our song, Lucky by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat, I envision what it will be like to dance with her to this song on our wedding day. I pull her in closer to me so that I can feel her heart beating against mine. This day has been absolutely perfect and there’s just one more thing I need to do. I pull away from her just enough so that I can look into her eyes again.
“You are so beautiful to me Chloe.” I tell her and kiss her lips ever so softly.
“I love you so much Derrick. No matter what we’ve been through we always make it work. You make us work. I love you.”
She kisses me back but instead of a soft kiss she kisses me fiercely. I feel tears coming down our cheeks and I pull away.
“Don’t cry angel. This is all for you. Everything I do is for you so that our future is perfect. Come on we have one last surprise for the night.” 


T.H. Snyder is a 33 year old mother of 2. She has been an avid romance and paranormal reader for well over a year and felt it was about time to explore her creative side and write her own book.

T.H. Snyder will be putting Touch Me (Touch #1) on Sale for $0.99 from 9/26-10/31, which is the release of Touched By You (Touch #2).

Touch Me (Touch #1) Amazon Link:


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Kindle Fire Giveaway

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Cover Reveal: September Ends by Hunter S. Jones

Title: September Ends
Author: Hunter S. Jones
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Day:
October 1st, 2013
Reveal Host:
Lady Amber's Tours
Overweight and dull. That’s how I felt.

My grandfather and brother died. I hid inside a black cave deep in my soul, numbed for a decade on meds, booze, and bad love, married to my glorious career.

My name is Liz Snow, from Atlanta, Georgia, and this is my story.

One hot summer I fell hopelessly in love with successful attorney, Peter William Hendrix III, from Chattanooga, Tennessee. We bonded because of Shelley and Keats. Pete introduced me to the works of modern English poet, Jack O. Savage, It was like The Poet was drawing us together through his blogs and poems, like he had a message for my life and my love with Pete Hendrix.
I lived it in my heart and soul.

It all went tragically wrong once I learned Pete’s secret.

As September ends I jet to London, England with an unstable mind and a broken heart. Pete Hendrix betrayed me big time. There was no time for revenge. My life was a kaleidoscope of stabbing shards of pain.

London ignored me. Maybe I didn't exist. I was lost and lonely in a flat in Kensington.
I hear that Jack O. Savage will make a rare public appearance. I wrangle an invitation to the art gallery where he is reading. I was curious. Somehow, he was the cause of my trouble.
The rock-star-with-words was even more damaged than I.

Jack O.Savage, The Poet became my friend.
Then, an unexpected kiss at a county fair on a perfect English summer's day changed everything forever. Jack the man became my lover.
My elusive dream of a lifelong love began.
If Pete was what I'd always wanted, Jack was what I always needed.
The mystery unraveled as the kaleidoscope of my broken life evolved and I found myself living a rainbow of perfect bliss.

Sometimes when you believe it’s the end, it’s only the beginning.

September Ends is a contemporary romance with erotic and supernatural elements bound together by poetry. It reveals the intricate web of passion and desire which entangles Liz Snow, Pete Hendrix and Jack O. Savage. The story is told through Liz Snow’s diary, Jack O. Savage’s poetry, and from letters sent across the Atlantic. Traveling throughout the lushness of a summertime in Tennessee and Georgia, September Ends journeys into the elegance of London’s West End and is finally settled in the countryside of Cornwall, England, a decade later.
September Ends is a story of sin, redemption and salvation through love
because love happens when we least expect it.

Author Bio:

HUNTER S. JONE -Novelist. Exile on Peachtree Street.
Lover of all the finer things in life.
The art form I create when writing is much more interesting than anything you will ever know or learn about me. However, since you ask, I have lived in Tennessee and Georgia my entire life, except for one “lost summer” spent in Los Angeles. I was always a complex kid. My first published stories were for a local underground rock publication in Nashville. I have published articles on music, fashion, art, travel and history.
Currently, I have a music/entertainment blog My debut novella, Fables of the Reconstruction,  was published in 2012.
Edgar Allan Poe and Anne Rice have always fascinated me, although like any Southern girl, I will always idolize Margaret Mitchell for writing Gone With The Wind. I also adore the works of John Grisham, and own a huge selection of his books. I live in Atlanta, Georgia with my husband, my books, too many clothes, too many shoes and way too many stacks of notepads and journals.
September 2013 will see the launch of my first novel, a contemporary romance, written in collaboration with English author and poet, R.J. Askew.

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Omnific Book Boyfriend Smackdown

Character Name: Orrin Walsh

Personality Type: Swoony and Sensitive

Author: Patricia Leever
Book Title: Cat O’ Nine Tails
Genre: Historical Romance


Book Synopsis:

When Orrin and his brother Kale are hired by Queen Winifred to hunt down Aeron and her band of miscreants, Orrin never dreamed he’d fall in love with the beautiful she pirate, or the kind, accepting people of her island hideaway. As they grow closer, Aeron reveals her jaded past with Queen Winifred to Orrin; he doesn’t hesitate to offer his help to bring Winifred’s evil reign to an end. Aeron and Orrin soon discover that the strongest weapon in their combined arsenal is the love they have for each other.

Book Excerpt:

“Is something the matter, my love?” he asked, lounging on her bed wearing the wickedest of smiles and absolutely nothing else.
Orrin’s delightfully naked body shimmered with a light sheen of perspiration in the candlelight as he lay on his side, propped up on his elbow. He tilted his head back as he lifted a slice of mango to his lips and proceeded to seductively tongue the delicate flesh and slowly suck it into his mouth. Aeron thought she was going to faint dead away. He licked the sticky juice off his lips as he picked up another slice of fruit and held it out to her in an offering, the sweet nectar spilling over his fingers and down his arm.
Harnessing every ounce of restraint she had, Aeron took her time crawling up onto the bed, slowly leaning forward and plucking the savory mango from his fingers. Looking deep into his cerulean blue eyes, she wrapped her fingers around his wrist and extended his arm out straight as she licked the sweet nectar from the crease of his elbow with a light brush of her tongue, up to the tip of his finger. She slid her free handdown his chest, tracing over the trails of course brown hair surrounding his nipples and spilling down his taut belly. Her finger dipped into his navel as she continued down, but he snatched her hand, rolling with her and trapping her beneath him.
He growled playfully, hovering over her and pinning her arms to the mattress over her head with an iron grip. “Not yet.”  He bent his head, grasping the ties of her shirt in his teeth and tugging the knots open.

Character Casting Photo:

Character Bio:

Orrin Walsh is a pirate hunter turned outlaw when the lives of the Queen’s people are in danger from the Queen herself. He’s swashbuckling, sword wielding hotness from the top of his beautiful head to the tips of his black boots.

  1. What is your ideal woman like? Smart, strong and could go rounds with me with a sword and in the bed chamber.
  2. What do you like the least about yourself? At times my temper gets away from me.
  3. What are the three most important things in life to you? Family, loyalty and doing what it right even when others think its wrong.
  4. What music is on your playlist right now? I do not know this playlist you speak of. There are several musicians on our island and I am quite fond of the sound of the lute.
  5. What is your favorite curse/dirty word? Arse, which also happens to be one of my favorite parts on a woman.
  6. How do you seduce and/or excite a woman? I love to lead my woman to the lagoon behind our cottage, take my time removing every piece of her clothing so my eyes might drink their fill of her delectable form. Then I shall carry her into the water where I would bathe every inch of her silky skin with fine smelling soap. When I am finished bathing her with the gentlest of touches I shall dry her body with the softest cloths, carry her back to our cottage and make love to her until neither one of us can move any longer.
  7. Where is the most interesting place youve ever made love? On the beach, right there on the sand, in the middle of an argument that was so fever pitched we tore at each other like wild beasts. It was glorious.
Voting starts September 30 ,2013
To vote for this book boyfriend, go to Love Between the Sheets, find this character, and place your vote:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

(Giveaway may be extended)

Fall reading.

Now that its fall, the weather has already turned a bit cooler.  Above is a picture of what it looks like a little bit later in the season here where I live.  Now that its cooler, its time for me to really bundle up in my sweatshirts or sweaters.  I love my sweaters and sweatshirts but I don't like the cooler weather.
Halloween is fast approaching, and my household is thrilled this year.  This year we can do some series Trick-or-Treating, now that we are living in a development,  we didn't have much places to go before without driving all around.
With the season changing and Holidays coming, Do you change your reading list?  Do you read holiday themed books around that holiday?    I think I have some Halloween books in my TBR pile, I might have to read them late in October.  I know I have some Christmas themed books, I will push them to December and read away.

Around here, we start getting more tourist driving around.  People drive up to come and look at all the pretty color leaves.  Traffic gets backed up, perfect for staying curled up reading a book.  Or taking my little ones for a walk around the neighborhood.  This is what they all come to see:


*Cover Reveal: Touched by You
*ARC review and Interview: Unspoken Bonds by Michelle Grey
* Cover Reveal: The Perfect Distraction
*Review: Undeniable Rogue by Annette Blair
* Book Boyfriend Smackdown Starts Sept 30.


Birthday Giveaway

Book Boyfriend Smackdown

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Cover reveal: Brie Surrenders her Heart by Red Phoenix

Book Description:

Brie’s submissive journey has been marked with self-discovery, humor, and sexual exploration. To her delight, Brie is about to enjoy the best scene ever with Master, carrying her to heights never imagined. Friendships deepen, a challenge is accepted, and her film career is launched. But life is a balance... judgment and vengeance are waiting in the wings to steal the one thing she desires above all.
This last of Brie’s After Graduation series sports the hottest sex and the deepest depths. There is no middle ground for Brie now. Brie's final installment comes to an epic close, enchanting all the senses. From birthday presents to mind-blowing sex, untold fun awaits our little submissive. Equally potent are the challenges Brie must face. Nothing of great worth comes without sacrifice. Join Brie in this spine-tingling conclusion to the After Graduation series.

Author Bio:

Erotica is a delicious fantasy created to entice both the mind and the body ~Red
Red Phoenix is an award winning indie author who started her writing career in December of 2011. She is best known for her novelette, Brie’s First Day of Submissive Training, which was published in March of 2012. The little book created quite stir when it was released. Since then, fans have been riding the Brie wave with the sociable author. In October 2012, Red published the wildly popular eBook serial into novel form, Brie Learns the Art of Submission. She is currently writing Brie’s continuing journey in the serial titled After Graduation, due out in novel form September 2013.
“I am a happily married woman who believes, based on personal experience, that love conquers all. It is a running theme in my writing.” Red is a mother of three and wife to one. When she is not writing, you can find her on Facebook or Twitter interacting with fans.
“One thing you will notice about my work, I'm all about variety. If a character beseeches me to write his or her story, I willingly give myself over no matter the genre or subject.”
* Red Phoenix has a total of fourteen titles available as eBooks (not including serials.)  Two of her novels are also available in paperback.