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Monday, Sunday by Fenton Grace

Fenton Grace

Monday, Sunday by Fenton Grace:

Publisher: Hanover Press (May 4, 2015) 
Category: Women’s Fiction, Literary, Contemporary, with a Noir edge 
ISBN: 978-0-9961534-0-9 
Tour Date: August/September, 2015 
Available in: Print & ebook, 287 Pages

 Set in a small town in Colorado, Monday, Sunday tells the enthralling story of Laney Secord. She is a 32-year-old single mother who finds herself attracted to a 16-year-old Eagle Scout, Christopher. Unable to accept her feelings, Laney becomes involved with Christopher’s father, Bill. In the course of a week, a romantic triangle envelops the trio and changes their lives in ways in which none of them could have imagined. A gripping story of a complex woman at a crossroads in her life. A woman who is determined to rediscover herself. She becomes powerfully aware that every decision she makes could mean life or.. death. "In this beautifully written and compelling novel, author Fenton Grace explores the consequences of flawed choices, the nature of betrayal and forgiveness, and the boundaries of sexual attraction." Noah, Book Reviewer

The edges of her lips curled upward.  She unzipped the side compartment where her change was.  Reflexively, her eyes returned to him, from his face to his body.  His tight uniform caused her to daydream.  She told herself he played baseball.  He had a baseball player’s thighs and hips.  He liked things like archery, fishing, and swimming, but he wasn't the best swimmer.  He was a sinker.  Like Jay.
The pimple on his forehead seemed to grow larger.  His fresh, pearl-white skin marred by that single flaw.  She cast the thought out of her mind.  She rifled through the change, searching for quarters.  Why was she looking for change?  She wasn’t going to give him her parking money.
She turned to him and felt his eyes linger, then rise, from her breasts.  As she glanced at his thick blond hair, his soothing blue eyes, his jaw that was becoming more square, she suddenly stopped:  Why was she checking him out?
She rummaged through her wallet.  Bills and bills, ones and twenties and fives indistinguishable.  She began to arrange them, heads up, the way she liked them.  Although she didn't make eye contact with him, the black granite countertop on the island gave a distorted reflection of his spruce uniform, his badges of honor.  She set the bills on the table between them.

He leaned forward on the stool.  He was so close she could feel his breath on her face.

Fenton Grace

Fenton Grace was born and raised in New England. She graduated from Brown University with a degree in French. She enjoys playing piano, tennis, and keeping in shape with Pilates. She’s worked in the entertainment industry at several television and movie studios in a variety of business services roles. Happily married for 17 years, she is the proud mother of two kids and currently lives in beautiful Southern California. Monday, Sunday is her first novel. Website: Twitter:

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