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Review: Sea of Secrets

Review: Sea of Secrets by Amanda DeWees


Published January 2012

Book Description: After her brother is killed in the Crimean War, innocent young Oriel Pembroke finds herself alone in the world. Disowned by the cruel father who has always despised her, she has nowhere to turn until she is taken under the wing of a glamorous relative she never knew: the former Duchess of Ellsworth, who has scandalized society by remarrying soon after her first husband's death. At the opulent seaside estate of Ellsmere, Oriel thinks she has found a safe haven--but the darkly handsome young duke, Herron, believes otherwise. Haunted by the death of his father, he suspects that Ellsmere is sheltering a murderer.

Even as Oriel falls in love with the duke, she begins to fear that his grief and suspicion are turning to madness. When dangerous accidents start to befall both Herron and Oriel, however, she realizes that someone may be trying to stop them from discovering the truth about the past. And when her father comes back into her life, she learns that he may hold the answer to the most horrifying secret of all...

My review:
Awesome book, absolutely!  I truly got hooked, very hooked-but not until after the first couple chapters.  This book has so much going for it: Romance, historical setting, mystery, murder, a little touch of Gothic, and of course scandal!
 After Oriel goes to live with her aunt, the Duchess, she learns of family secrets and deceit  among the family.  Herron, pushes his disbelief onto her and soon she is questioning everyone's personality and actions.
All her life Oriel believes herself to be plain and a bother-enforced by her father's cruel words. Even before she left his house, he reminded her of how worthless she was and how she always was in his way.  After moving in with her aunt, she finds she is smart, tough, and pretty.  She soon becomes the young Duke's confidant and she reveals his "thoughts" to her.  She is worried for him, more so because she has fallen in love with Herron (young Duke).  Together, yet separately, they try to uncover the secrets leading to his father's death.
Oriel's father shows up, then strange accidents occur to both her and Herron. Oriel soon learns her father's cruelty goes farther than words.

My Opinions on the main characters:
Oriel:  she was tougher, smarter, and prettier than she thought, Brave
Herron: almost childish behavior, but learned a lot at the end and made peace with everyone.
Oriel's father: Cruel man who got what he deserved.
Claude: weak, but loving, easily manipulated
Charles: strong, quiet and dependable
Duchess: outstanding, understanding and strong. Calm, cool and collected!!!

I just wish the couple who ended up together was different.  I think it could've been a great love match.  But I guess, that would change a lot in the story.  And I can't say too much without giving away to much of the story.  Oriel did choose a good guy and sounded like they would have a HEA.
I just want to know one last thing? Who killed the late Duke?  there were several hints as to who.

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