Saturday, April 27, 2013

Review: Among the Shadows by Amanda DeWees



Just hours after Joy and Tanner’s daughter is born, Tanner finds himself in a world where Joy doesn’t know him and their baby doesn’t exist. But when he thinks he has found the source of the magic that has undone reality, a heartsore Maddie makes a wish that alters history even further. With time now growing short for Tanner, he must try to win Joy’s trust and convince her that they have a future together—even though their past has vanished.
As the fabric of reality begins to fray, an old enemy arises amid the chaos... and Joy and her Ash Grove friends find themselves fighting to save the world as they know it. This thrilling sequel to The Shadow and the Rose and Casting Shadows will keep readers guessing as it races toward its astonishing conclusion.

My Review

 The final story in this series was amazing as the first two. I do believe you need to read them in order or you will be lost. I was drawn into the story from the beginning.
I love that Tanner never gave up, and Joy didn't either when she knew what was going on.

I think the author did very well writing about the time disruptions well.   I actually enjoyed the alternate lives that were spun, and I enjoyed the reactions the main characters had to each alternative.  The ending was wonderful, and wonderfully written.  I thought it was awesome how they all chose to remember everything that had happened plus the newly rewritten past.
Lots of drama, horror and paranormal, not to mention the LOVE that poured through this book. I personally did not find alot of humor that the other reviews are mentioning, yes there were a few moments but not that much.

I highly recommend this Series to all paranormal lovers.

I was given this entire series for review by the author, and I greatly appreciate it.  I truly look forward to more work from Amanda DeWees!

Other Blog Notes

For the time being, I am going back to reading my older paperbacks.  I have tons of books on both my Kindle and my actual bookshelf, so I would like to clear off the shelf a little.  Plus, if I clear off the shelf now-I can go to another book sale!
I will still be accepting books for review, just not reading as many new releases or newer books for just a little while.  I hope you will enjoy seeing reviews of older books that may have been forgotten about.

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