Sunday, August 17, 2014

Wendy's Review: The Keys to My Diary by Ann Omasta

Paperback, 202 pages
Published June 2014 by Amazon Digital Services 
Get ready to be enchanted by the personal diary of Fern Burns. (Yes, she knows her name is ridiculous. If you met her flighty mother, you would understand.) Fern is 42-years-old, lives in the beautiful, tropical Florida Keys and is not your typical Contemporary Romance heroine.

In this journal, Fern shares the wacky, entertaining stories of her life for the year. From the love-hate relationship she develops with the book “The Secret” to having to deal with cursing parrots and a road filled with skittering crabs, her summations of her offbeat daily life make for a delightfully fun read.

Fern treats her diary like her best friend as she openly writes about her hopes and dreams, her thoughts and fears, and her triumphs and embarrassments. This is a particularly exciting year because she finally meets the man of her dreams. Or is he?

This fast-paced story is an intimate look inside Fern’s life as she hands over the keys to her diary. Go ahead…Take a PEEK!

 Written just like a diary and so many entries made me LOL. Glad that I picked this up as a quick in between books read. Really liked that Fern was 42 and not 22, so many books are based on younger people that I think we forget that there are other ages out there. Even though it was an everyday 'normal' life book I really like the characters and her love interests, her friends and coworkers. Glad I read it.

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