Saturday, August 22, 2015

Erica's Review: Romeo Blue (Felicity Bathburn #2) by Phoebe Stone


Paperback352 pages
Published April 28th 2015 by Arthur A. Levine Books 

               Age Range:  8 - 12 Years

Secrets, spies, and sleuthing abound in this charming follow-up to Phoebe Stone's The Romeo and Juliet Code.

Secrets and Spies

When Flissy Budwig's parents first dropped her off in Bottlebay, Maine, she hated everything about it. She hated the big gloomy house she was to live in. She hated meeting her long-lost and highly eccentric Bathburn relatives. Most of all, she hated knowing that she was safe in America while her parents faced the guns of WWII in Europe. Especially when she discovered her parents were spies. Especially when she learned her parents were missing.

But a year has passed now, and Flissy has grown to love life in Bottlebay and grown to love Derek, the boy the Bathburns have adopted. Then a man claiming to be Derek's true father arrives, and soon he's asking all sorts of strange questions. Flissy has a nose for trouble. Has Derek's new father come to take him away from Flissy forever . . . or is there something even more sinister afoot in Bottlebay, Maine?

Barnes and Noble:

I thought it was really good. It continued where book 1 ended. I liked how the little girl figured out her uncle was really her dad, and they did stuff together. Her dad saved her mom.
I like how the little boy that lived with them liked her, but they couldn't be together.

~~ We actually bought this at the school book fair!~~

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