Monday, December 26, 2016

Candis Vargo - Amelia's Hope - Virtual Book Tour

Contemporary Romance/Women's fiction
Date Published: 11/14/16
Publisher: Fifth Ink Publishing

“Even though I was decaying, Amelia was growing. It was like some beautiful symphony the way both things were happening at once.”
Sacrificing your life for your child is one of the greatest ways a mother can show her love. 
For Cara Michaels, that sacrifice was made.
At ten weeks pregnant, Cara was diagnosed with a fast-acting cancer and was faced with the ultimate decision… 
That decision, was to forgo life-saving treatment to ensure her child would come into this world unharmed.
Cara shares with us the last months of her life as she prepared to give birth to her child and for her husband, Joel, to parent without her.
But a husband can only handle so much before he breaks…
Grab your tissues because you're in for heartbreak.

I know what you want, what everyone wants, but I can’t give you that. I can’t give you a story full of roses and sunshine or a happily ever after. I can’t give you the rare miracle that comes at the last minute and makes everything all better. No… but what I can give you is the truth. I can give you every brutal bit of the reality that I lived through. The highs and the lows. I can give you the good times, but with the good comes the bad.
If you think about it, there really is no happily ever after for any of us. There’s a happy for now, sure, but the truth is that in the end there is always someone left with heartache. Someone is left with their world being crushed by the loss of the one they loved the most. The only thing you really can do, is make sure it’s worth it. Make sure all of the memories you’ve made and the time you spent together…make sure the pain of the ending is worth it.
Because, even though love always ends in a tragedy, it’s up to you to make sure it’s a beautiful one.
After I died, I knew my love story was tragically beautiful.

Growing up on an old dirt road in the middle of nowhere, as a child Candis used her love for books as a way to escape reality (and her brother constantly trying to kill her--literally). She blames her love of all things Horror on being born on Friday the 13th and will always find joy in scaring her friends. 
You will find a little piece of her in every book she writes. She loves a good happy ending but isn’t afraid to keep her stories real, even if that means telling the side of a story most people are afraid to tell.
Never caring for the norms or boundaries, Candis has written several genres from Horror to Erotica.
When she's not writing or reading, she can usually be found chasing her children around or binge watching Netflix. She currently lives in Rome, Pennsylvania with her husband and three children.

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