Sunday, July 30, 2017

Sitting down and chatting with Izzy Szyn

I got to sit down with Izzy Szyn again for another interview!  I got to catch up from last year and find out some new things.  I do hope you guys check out her new book,  Bella and the Beast, coming soon!

*Tell us in 3 sentences about your latest release.

Bella and the Beast When Bella agrees to be Anna Baste’s aka the Beast submissive, she agrees to follow the rules. But will she be able to follow the most important one of all? DO NOT FALL IN LOVE.

*If you could interview ANYONE, who would it be?
Nora Roberts

*When we spoke this time last year, you were still working full time.  Has that changed?
No, sadly

*Last year, you also told us that you didn’t have a driver’s license?  Have you brave it and tried for it?

No, sadly I’ve become a very loyal lyft customer.

*Did you partake in Amazon Prime Day?  What ONE awesome deal did you get?

It was in between paydays. I really wanted Alexa

*What was the last movie you watched?

Fifty Shades Darker.

*Who is your favorite character from your books?

It’s always the one I’m currently working on. Dusty Chamberlain, from Shanghaied Seduction. Readers met her in UnCharted Reality. She’s been through a lot..

*What does your family think about your books?

They can’t get over I’m writing.

*What was your favorite book as a child?

Hmmm, the one I can think of was Sue Barton Student Nurse, I read it for a book report.

*How hard is it to title your work?  Do you already have a title then work on the story?    

Right now, I’m also working on another Scandalous Fairy Tales it’s based on Red Riding Hood. Scarlet is the main character, she has always been attracted to Alpha wolf Viktor and his lover Erik. Tentatively, I have it named Red, but not sure what else to name it. I would be happy with any suggestions.

New York Times Bestselling Author Izzy Szyn was born in May of 2014 when a friend dared her to write. Born and raised in Detroit, Mi. Izzy now lives in Oklahoma City with her furchild Misty, the friendliest Chihuahua/Terrier you will ever meet. Currently works in a call center, where she writes in between phone calls. 
Izzy loves to keep in touch with her readers. Email me at
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