Saturday, June 9, 2018

Catering To His Demands by Rose C. Carole

Catering to His Demands
Book three in the Kitchen Confessions series
by Rose C. Carole
Sam has lost faith in relationships and love. Will Mike be able to crack open her hard shell and teach her to feel again? As a part owner of Catered Affairs, Sam is a leader in the kitchen, advising the chefs about food, friends and lovers. But as her friends find Doms—and love—Sam stays steadfastly opposed to anything but one-night play scenes, never allowing a Dom to get to know who she really is deep inside. Mike, a private investigator, is intrigued by the beautiful yet haughty sub, but he’s not interested in a superficial relationship. He becomes fully invested in anyone he plays with, giving them his rapt attention—and expecting it in return. His years in the Special Forces—and a near-death experience—has taught him to treasure every moment in life. One night, Mike entices Sam into a scene. Through a combination of absolute control and perfectly delivered pain, he takes the staunch masochist to places she has never achieved before, making her unable to resist playing with him again. Every time they meet, Mike pushes her further, laying bare her innermost desires. But Mike finds that Sam’s reluctance to commit keeps pushing back. As Mike starts to discover why Sam is hesitant to trust anyone, he becomes more determined to shatter her defenses and show her what real surrender to the right Dom can provide her. But a dangerous job for an old Special Forces buddy threatens to put a damper on his efforts. Can their budding relationship survive his need to protect the daughter of a friend? This book can be read as a standalone. 
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Author Bio:
I have embarked on a new journey in my life and I invite you to join me. After pursuing careers in publishing and catering, I have found my way back to a passion I have had since I was younger—writing. It coincided with the explosion of erotic and BDSM romance, a genre I have always enjoyed reading. I think it speaks to the yearning in all of us to find someone who makes us give all we have to give, to push us past our limits and to help us explore the innermost recesses of our soul. I hope my books do that for you, and that together we can explore the need that calls to us most—the desire to be loved and cherished and to love in return.
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