Friday, May 10, 2019

Sadistic Games by Lucian Bane Release

"Innocent blood bleeds reddest of all...” ~Adika...goddess of injustice and pain


SADISTIC GAMES: The Complete Series Erotic Psychological Thriller



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Mordecai is a psychopath with secrets. Miriam is a psychology student with faith. Both want the same thing-- to get into each other's minds. But where Miriam’s intentions are pure, Mordecai’s are full of sadistic games. Mordecai lures Miriam into the dark recesses of his psyche, eager to use every means to imprison her in his world. Once he does, he will stop at nothing until he owns every part of her. The battlefield is set. Faith and sadistic pleasure will collide. Let the games begin.


“So your wisdom and prudence say you very well may not be safe with me but your optimism says you’re going to believe the best. Essentially you’re putting your optimism before your faith.” “I’m putting faith in the wisdom that I believe you can change—” “But I don’t share that faith,” he cut in. “I’m optimistic in the data you’ve provided thus far, that you will at least hear me out, allow me to employ whatever methods to prove my thesis.” “What data did I provide you that lead you to this?” he wondered, curious about her deduction abilities of him. “You’ve clearly demonstrated that you’re a man of logic. A man that respects the laws and all they require. That you respect others right to live and believe as they wish. And you’re kind--. why are you laughing?” He leaned forward, unable to keep it in. “I’m kind. How did you figure that one?” “Well, you…” She eyed him as he faced her, his interest alive and all over her. “You cooked for me.” “Because I don’t want you touching anything in my kitchen.” “You… you fixed me a lot of food.” “Because I can’t have a malnourished subject.” “You gave me the Princess room,” she shot at him with a finger to which he laughed. “It’s the only other bedroom on this floor and I needed my homework on the same floor as me. She straightened even more. “You offered to create my own exercise program,” she cried. “Merely an opportunity to study you.” She finally sat back with a huff, staring at his humored expression. “I suppose you are sadistic, what with that smirk you’re wearing. Enjoying the fact that you’re a Mr. Meany Pants.” Meany-Pants. Fuck, he just got his first hard-on. “Oh you mean you’re going to get offended with that?” “Who said I’m offended?” he challenged softly. “Well, you” “What do you think a sadist like me, with all the qualities I possess, might be right now? Miriam?” He held his breath and his pulse literally beat in his cock as he waited, as he met her gaze and tasted his first real challenge with her only two feet away, in touching distance. She licked her lips but held fast to his stare which was quite impressive. “Possibly… depending on your… type, you could be…” “Aroused out of my mind?” he suggested. He had to chuckle at the look on her face. “I’m not,” he easily lied. “But you might want to reconsider this entire thing. Most sadists would be aroused with all of this and if you can’t handle that, you shouldn’t be in this field of work.”  


    Lucian is a husband, author, and uncle, and is quite religious about all three. He writes erotic romance books across nearly every genre. His favorite series is Scribbler Guardian, a fantasy romance, and Reginald Bones, his dark erotic thriller. When Lucian isn’t home-schooling and helping raise his five nieces and nephews who live with him, he’s playing husband to the most amazing wife, the better part of his soul, his moral compass and rudder in the storms. Besides being psychotically in love with her he’s very blessed to call her his bitch--which he never does since one cannot write while dead. You should go meet him, he loves interacting and making friends with his fans on Facebook.     Amazon Author Page: Facebook Author Page: Bookbub: Goodreads: Fan Group: Subscribe to the fire newsletter: Booksprout:

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