Friday, February 24, 2017

Refuge by Sheri Lyn Tour & Review

Safe Haven Series Book 3
Genre M/M


Chaos lived a life much like his brothers, a torturous life, and as much as he cared for Ash, he knew his future was already decided. He could feel it, like a clock ticking away the minutes of his life, his time was running out. There was no point in letting anyone get attached.

After being called in by the Hagrins to help with the initial take down of the recruiter, FBI agent Ashton Michaels found a home for himself among the band of brothers, and the love of his life. If only he could convince Chaos love and living were worth fighting for. Only cowards gave up.

With the take down of the last facility, evidence of more sites come into play and unexpected dangers flourish. The Hagrin house has grown, as well as the family and their commitment to each other. It’s the simple things in life some take for granted that mean the most to others – a childhood, family, love, acceptance – and Ash and the brothers will do what it takes to make sure Chaos knows he deserves it all.
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Wow. I can hardly even think now that I finished reading this.
For a still relatively new author, wow such writing! This story will keep you glued to whatever reading device you are on, hating having to stop reading. But at the same time, not wanting to finish the book.
Special note before I continue, you really do need to read the other books to fully understand what is going on.
Lots of turmoil for these boys emotions for sure. Yet, a few happy moments.
And let me tell you, tons of surprises! 
As with the other books, you get more insight to a "couple" along with what is going on with the "family". This time, we are getting more of Ash and Chaos. I just love how no matter what this "family" sticks together and helps each other out-like a true family should. But this is no ordinary family, this group is just outstanding.
As much as I am looking forward to the next book, I'm afraid. I'm afraid that the next book could be the end of this wonderful series.

Author Bio:

Hi I'm Sheri Lyn. I live in Florida with the love of my life, my dog Koda a Corgi/Dwarf Chow mix. I love living here and couldn't imagine living anywhere else.

I started my journey into the indie book world in January of this year. I write M/M stories and have F/F in the wings.

When I'm not writing, I'm at the evil day job where my sanity is tested on a daily basis. My sarcastic quips can provide a much-needed break until I can return home to Koda and books, my two joys.

Come visit me on Facebook. I love to meet new readers.

Twitter - @sherilynauthor

Website –

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