Saturday, February 18, 2017

Scattered Thoughts by HD Kelley #Sale

FREE 2/16-2/20

~*~*~*~ Scattered Thoughts ~*~*~*~*

Isabella James is an Issues and Reputation Manager who has earned success solving problems... other people’s problems that is. Until a package arrives that changes everything. Izzy comes face-to-face with her biggest issue yet— Spencer, her husband of nineteen years, is having an affair. The stress of Spencer’s betrayal proves too much and manifests itself in the form of nightmares. At least Izzy thinks they’re nightmares.

The once controlled Isabella James’ life is unraveling. When she meets her newest client, Alec Payne, their relationship quickly crosses the bounds of professionalism and she finds herself in an all-out battle for control over her life, her body, and her heart.

Book 2 Out Now!

~*~*~*~Shattered Dreams~*~*~*~

Spencer James was no hero – cheating on his wife and all – but until recently, Spencer hadn’t seen what he did at Esoteric, the private BDSM club where he was a member, as cheating. What he did there – dominate women sexually – he did to protect Izzy, not to hurt her. Two very different sides to the same coin, each as vital to his survival as the other; Spencer needed the club like most people needed air. But falling in love with his submissive was never part of the plan. And now that she’d disappeared, he’d stop at nothing to find her.

A lifetime of physical abuse is what led Ashlan to Esoteric. She knew if her husband ever found out about the club, she’d die a slow, painful death. But even that hadn’t been enough to keep her away. In a life of hell, Esoteric was the only place she’d ever found peace...until she accidentally let it slip to Master Spence that she was being abused. Now she had no choice but to run.


Author bio:
HD Kelley is a contemporary romance author who resides on Florida’s Gulf coast with her husband and two kids. She loves reading and writing stories with feisty heroines, sexy alpha heros, and don’t forget the happily ever afters!

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