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Game Changer by Jami Davenport

Game Changer: Seattle Steelheads (Game On in Seattle)
Jami Davenport
Sports Romance
Release Day: 2/28/2017


When horse racing and football collide, Hunter McCoy, star tight end of the Seattle Steelheads and neophyte horse owner, finds himself in a battle of wills with a sexy horsewoman and a stubborn, opinionated race horse.

Kate Vanderhof-Carrigan's family has raised champion Thoroughbreds on their Kentucky bluegrass farm for over a century. Lately the farm has fallen on hard times, but Kate is determined to return Oak Brook to its former glory. First, she must satisfy an odd clause in her grandfather's will. She's been given five years to produce a winner of horse racing's biggest prize of all, the Derby, or lose the farm to her siblings and their development plans. Time has run out, and Hunter's talented horse stands between Kate and her last shot at the Derby. Only Kate never counted on her heart entering the race.

Hunter is juggling his responsibilities to his two-dozen investors, his blind sister, his football career, and his commitment to his tribe. The last thing he needs is an unwanted attraction to a spoiled rich girl who doesn't fit into his carefully crafted plans. Not only are they rivals on the race track, but she doesn't understand or appreciate his dedication to his Native American heritage. Yet despite the odds, all bets are off when Hunter and Kate find themselves in a relationship they can't resist.

With the stakes much higher than the Derby purse, can tese two longshots win the biggest race of their lifetime or will their hearts finish out of the money?

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Excerpt from Chapter 2:
Chapter 2—Off the Pace Kate wasn’t used to being dismissed, especially not by a muscle-bound jock with a stubborn streak. She stood up straighter and shot him her best bitch glare, not that she could intimidate this hulking male. The testosterone literally rolled off him, hitting her squarely in her lady parts. She allowed herself the brief luxury of wondering how he’d feel between her legs, then slapped such ridiculousness silly. She didn’t sleep with men who could overpower her. She slept with men she could control.

 Hunter McCoy cocked his head and smirked, as if knowing his attitude would annoy her but doing it anyway. The man was too confident, too sure of himself and his place in the world, too much like her father and brother, which annoyed her. 

With a nod, he turned and followed his horse and trainer back to the barn.

“Surely you have a price?” She hurried after him, curbing the desperation threatening to seep into her voice. 

He barely gave her a glance as he caught up with the small entourage gathered around his horse. “No, I don’t. Money means nothing to me. This is my Derby winner.” He said the words with such absolute conviction, she hesitated for a moment. The animal had potential, but no one could be certain. After all, horses were horses, prone to fits of stubbornness and off days, just like humans. 

“You can’t know that.” 

He stopped, his brown eyes piercing hers to the point where she squirmed under the intensity of his gaze. “I do know that.” He pivoted on one booted heel and continued his trek to the barn, his bearing proud and graceful. 

She grabbed his arm, stopping him. The sheer masculine power in those biceps caught her off guard. She jerked her hand away as if it were scorched by his feral manliness. 

“How can you know that?”

He jerked his square jaw in the direction of the red chestnut dancing back to the barn. “He told me. Or at least, he told my sister.”

Davenport, Jami. Game Changer: Seattle Steelheads Football (Game On in Seattle Book 7) 

USA Today Bestselling Author Jami Davenport is an advocate of happy endings and writes sexy contemporary and sports romances, including her two new indie endeavors: the Game On in Seattle Series and the Madrona Island Series. Jami’s new releases consistently rank in the top fifty on the sports romance and sports genre lists on Amazon, and she has hit the Amazon top hundred authors list in both contemporary romance and genre fiction multiple times. Jami ranked Number Seven on Kobo’s Top Ten Most Completed Authors, an honor bestowed on the year’s “most engaging” authors based on an average page completion rate by their readers.

Jami lives on a small farm near Puget Sound with her Green Beret-turned-plumber husband, a Newfoundland cross with a tennis ball fetish, a prince disguised as an orange tabby cat, and an opinionated Hanoverian mare.
Jami works in IT for her day job and is a former high school business teacher. She’s a lifetime Seahawks and Mariners fan and is waiting for the day professional hockey comes to Seattle. An avid boater, Jami has spent countless hours in the San Juan Islands, a common setting in her books. In her opinion, it’s the most beautiful place on earth.

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