Thursday, March 23, 2017

Sassy Ever After: Check Mate (Kindle Worlds Novella) By Sheri Lyn

Sassy Ever After: Check Mate (Kindle Worlds Novella)
By Sheri Lyn

Tucker "Rook" Jameson is having an interesting week. First, he finds a body, then he finds his mate... the new Sheriff. Someone has decided to make the pack of Blue Creek pay, but for what is the question.

Sheriff West Graelin moved to Blue Creek for a change of pace. Instead in his first week, he meets a naked man over a dead body who tempts him beyond his ability to think straight. Now the bodies are piling up and their killer is taunting them.

It's time to team up in more than one way. Love, lust, laughter, friendship and murder...It’s just another day in this small town.


“Hello?” A strong masculine voice called out, “I was told someone was here waiting.”

“I’m here.” Rook responded as he buttoned his jeans and stepped out of the shadows of the overhanging tree.

“And you are?” The voice asked with authority ringing in every word.

Rook smiled softly. “The guy you’re looking for.”
“Excuse me?”

“Name’s Tucker Jameson, but most everyone calls me Rook. You’re new around here, aren’t you?”

“I’m the new Sheriff. Are you the one who found the body?”

“You smell amazing and yes I did.”

The sheriff cocked one eyebrow and smirked slightly. “Excuse me? Did you just say I smelled good?”

“Amazing, but yeah.”
“I’m standing ten feet away from a dead body and on the opposite side as you. How can you possibly know what I smell like?”

Rook laughed. “Never been round shifters I take it.”

“No, I haven’t.” The sheriff shrugged.

Author Bio:

Hi I'm Sheri Lyn. I live in Florida with the love of my life, my dog Koda a Corgi/Dwarf Chow mix. I love living here and couldn't imagine living anywhere else.

I started my journey into the indie book world in January of this year. I write M/M stories and have F/F in the wings.

When I'm not writing, I'm at the evil day job where my sanity is tested on a daily basis. My sarcastic quips can provide a much-needed break until I can return home to Koda and books, my two joys.

Come visit me on Facebook. I love to meet new readers.

Twitter - @sherilynauthor

Website –

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