Friday, June 9, 2017

A Fighting Chance by Annie Stone

When Mackenzie meets Carter, it’s love at first sight. They have a blissful year together before trouble arrives. In the form of Carter’s two teenage sons.

When Hunter and Carey decide they want to live with their father in California, Mackenzie knows right away that she’s in for a tough time. And she couldn’t be more right.

The two boys show her on a daily basis that she’s not good enough for their dad. In fact, they make it quite clear their lives would be better without her. But could it be that Hunter has quite a different motive for hating her?

When she’s killed Carey, too, Ava says, “What’s your stepmother up to?”

“Shit, man! Don’t call her that!” Carey protests. “That’s never going to happen. Dad isn’t stupid enough not to know a gold digger when he sees one. He probably just wants to wet his dick a little.”
“Dude, seriously?” I ask him. “I don’t even want to imagine him doing that.”
Carey laughs. “You just don’t want him doing it with her.”
Devon looks at me. “You got a thing for Mac?”
I give Carey a deadly look. “I do not have a thing for Mac.” Fuck. How did he know? I thought I’d managed to hide my thing—my giant hard-on thing.
“Then why are you getting all worked up about it?” Ava asks.
Did I say she was cool? No, she isn’t. She’s not cool at all now that I think about it.
“Fuck, Hunt! Are you actually into Dad’s hooker?” Carey sounds shocked. “I was joking!”
I run my hand across my face. “For fuck’s sake—no. Why would I be into someone who’s fucking my old man?”
Carey looks really pale, like he’s about to throw up just thinking about someone being into that viper. And I’d feel exactly the same if…if my dick didn’t get hard at the mere thought of her. It’s so fucked up.
“Seriously, Hunter,” Devon says reasonably. “She’s young. Why shouldn’t you be into her?”
“Are you kidding me? She may be young and have a reasonably okay ass”—I don’t even bat an eye as I lie to them—“but there’s nothing on the inside but the rotting husk of a whore.” 

I'm a contemporary romance writer, who likes her men tattooed, her women independent and her coffee strong.
My stories are all about love, but some are of the romantic kind, some of the sad kind and others of the very steamy kind. So if you can stand drama, foul language and sex, you came to the right place.

Love, Annie

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