Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Alpha’s Baby By T.S. Ryder

The Alpha’s Baby
By T.S. Ryder
A curvy wolf looking for an escape PLUS a hot-as-hell Bear choosing his mate PLUS his biggest enemy on their heels!
It’s Joshua’s responsibility to lead his Bear pack as he sees best. And what he thinks is best is to take his enemy’s daughter as his mate. It’s all for his pack. But when he sees her curves, he can’t help but feel his loins tighten.
Wolf Naomi should have been Alpha after her mother, the previous Alpha, died. But her father made sure that didn’t happen. She wants freedom, not love, and Joshua's offer is her escape. She can’t let that perfect V of his abs distract her.
But their new union is put to the test immediately when Naomi finds an abandoned baby in the woods. Where did it come from? Where should it go?
When, on top of that, they discover plans that threaten the whole Bear pack, Naomi and Joshua have to make a choice. And Naomi has to face her biggest fear... her own father.
As danger rises and desire heightens, Naomi and Joshua need to focus and stay alive. They can’t mate yet. She has to stay a virgin, until Christmas…
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Snippet #1:
"Like what you see?" Joshua asked, facing her.
Heat crept into her cheeks, but she nodded as she traced her eyes down the perfect V his abs formed. "You're nicely put together."
Snippet #2:
"We are in the Mating Caves," she reminded him. "According to my people's customs, this is where we should join in union for the first time."
Author Bio:
If you’re in for hot-as-hell vampires and shifters, you’re my girl. There’s nothing paranormal that I don’t like or write and I’ll give it all I’ve got to bring beasts and hot men (preferably both :) to life for you.
I love writing stories about sexy and protective alpha males and the strong women they love. My stories are always full of steam and I generally throw in a fair amount of action.
So kick back, get comfortable, grab some chocolate and tea (or coffee if you're a coffee girl) and fasten up your girdles for some extra smoldering hotness. Enjoy!
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