Thursday, January 18, 2018

Showmance by AD Herrick & Bella Bordeaux

Bella Bordeaux and AD Herrick come together for the first time to provide the ultimate love story.

Dax was after money for his tattoo shop. He and his best friends had goals and it all rode on him winning the half a million dollar prize.

Sophie was an up and coming chef with dreams of opening her own food truck, which would be possible if she could win the competition.

Dax and Sophie were one of 18 contestants on the newest survivalist reality show, Outlast. 10 weeks, countless competitions, one winner.

The two A-type personalities come head to head, both determined to win. When sparks fly and emotions start entering the equation, winning without getting hurt seems to be impossible.

With betrayal inevitable, their love must truly outlast everything that they are dealt with.

Author Bios:
Bella Bordeaux is an author who loves to write about kinky adventures. She has certainly had her own wild ride in the love department. She is also the sexier and more erotic alter-ego of author Shannon Bell, who is best known for her Amazon bestselling vampire romance series, The Mortal One.

Throughout all of the books, you can expect Bella to dive into some of the hotter topics regarding swinging, BDSM, taboo, and the alpha men she encounters along the way. Don't miss Bella's "autobiography" of The Accidental Escort.

You can follow Bella on her on Twitter* @BellaBEscort

*Note, content is always graphic and of a sexual nature.

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A. D. Herrick is a crazy kooky girl with not enough time on her hands to accomplish all of the goals she has set but never gives up trying. She gets into a little bit of everything and is always trying out new things, writing Romance and fantasy shorts being one of them. Having been born and raised in

sunny Southern California, she took to globe-trotting and landed in Sweet Home Alabama. Eventually, through successfully catfishing, she landed her now husband. She dragged her gorgeous hubby all the way from California, kicking and screaming the whole way, to Alabama, where they currently reside raising their 3 wild children.

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