Friday, January 4, 2019

Thank You

I want to start off this post Thanking each and everyone of our readers!!

I want to than you for sticking with us through the years.  And especially this last year, when we have been pretty quiet.
Its not intentionally quiet.  But I am distracted and not focused for this blog recently.  I have put most of my focus on my family and home.  We are also more active on our family blog.  (
We are still posting on our Facebook page,  not as much; but still there.  I am not reading as much,  so there aren't many reviews to post.  I just can't get interested in anything.  I try,  I really do.  

We hope that you continue to stick with us and we go forward.  Angela is working the Facebook page, while I (Alisa) post on the blog.  We will hopefully get back to where we once were.  

2018 was a crazy year for me,  not bad or anything, just crazy with lots of good and bad changes.
Hoping & praying for a better 2019

Again,  Thank you!!!
Love to all my readers!!!

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