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Unraveling the Truth About Love by Addison Cole Tour & Giveaway

Unraveling the Truth About Love

Sweet with Heat: Weston Bradens #3
By: Addison Cole
Releasing Jan 23, 2019
World Literary Press

Small-town overachiever Riley Banks has finally scored her big break–working in Manhattan as a fashion design assistant for her childhood crush, Josh Braden. She enters her new job hoping to make a name for herself and–just maybe–explore the romance that slipped through her fingers way back when.

Josh Braden has models at his beck and call, a staff that never says never, and an elegant clothing line for
the holiday season. When he hires Riley Banks, he expects her to learn the business from the ground up. But
the girl next door turns out to be much more than he remembered.

When Josh and Riley’s friendship heats up, every steamy kiss, and every passionate caress stirs a love they
cannot deny. But when Riley designs a wedding gown that would cause even the most jaded fashion editors
to swoon, Riley’s mentor accuses her of stealing the design.

Facing indisputable proof and the mistrust of her lover, Riley is not sure she can take the heat of life in the
fast lane of the fashion industry–and Josh is forced to choose between the woman he loves and the career he

Unraveling the Truth About Love is a Sweet with Heat novel and conveys all of the passion you’d expect to
find between two people in love without any graphic scenes or harsh language. If you’re looking for a more
explicit romance, pick up the steamy edition, Friendship on Fire, written by New York Times bestselling
author Melissa Foster. Addison Cole is Melissa’s sweet-romance pen name.


Author Info

Addison Cole is the sweet-romance pen name of New York Times and USA Today bestselling and
award-winning author Melissa Foster. She writes humorous and emotional sweet contemporary romance.
Her books do not include explicit sex scenes or harsh language.  

Addison spends her summers on Cape Cod, where she dreams up wonderful love stories in her house
overlooking Cape Cod Bay.

Visit Addison on her website or chat with her on social media. Addison enjoys discussing her books with
book clubs and reader groups and welcomes an invitation to your event.

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*Sweet with Heat: Weston Bradens series titles

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THE ART OF LOVING LACY - Releasing May 8th, 2019


Riley Banks hurried down Thirty-Seventh Street in her red Catherine Malandrino dress and Giuseppe Zanotti leopard-print, calf-hair pumps. It was the week after Thanksgiving, and Manhattan was buzzing with the feverish zeal of the holidays.  Riley slowed her pace to catch her breath. Tomorrow I’ll find the courage to take the subway. Maybe. She tugged her coat tighter across her chest to ward off the chilly air and silently hoped that nobody would figure out that she’d purchased her outfit on, an online designer outlet store. She felt like such a hypocrite, heading to her first day at her new job as one of world-renowned designer Josh Braden’s assistants wearing discounted clothing. The thought turned her stomach—but not as much as showing up in her hometown jeans and cowgirl boots would have. She was a long way from Weston, Colorado, and she’d spent the last few weeks gathering discount designer clothes and practicing omitting “y’all” from her vocabulary.

She stood before the thick glass door of Josh Braden Designs and took a deep breath. The sign above the
door read, JBD. This is it. She closed her eyes for a split second to repeat the mantra she’d been playing in
her mind like a broken record for weeks: I’m educated, knowledgeable, and eager. I can do this.

A warm hand on her lower back pulled her from her thoughts.

“Have any trouble finding us?” Josh Braden stood beside her with a friendly smile and perfectly shorn, thick
dark hair. His black Armani suit fit his lean, muscular frame perfectly. A few years earlier, he’d been named
one of America’s Most Eligible Bachelors. Back then she hadn’t given the magazine cover a second thought.
He was in New York, and she was back in Colorado, so far removed from him that she’d still thought of him
as Josh Braden, the boy she’d had a crush on for too many years to count. Now, standing on the streets of
New York City beside the man whose name rivaled Vera Wang, she felt the air sucked from her lungs.

His deep voice sent a shiver right through her. Not only had she had the good fortune to be reconnected
with Josh when he was back home visiting his family, but during his visit, the two of them had also spent
a few days getting reacquainted. Riley hadn’t been sure if it was her crush going haywire or if there was
something more real blossoming between them, but those few days had each felt a little more intimate than
the last. And while their lips never touched and their bodies remained apart, she’d felt like they were always
one breath away from falling into each other’s arms.

Find out what happens as Josh and Riley unravel the truth about love.

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