Thursday, April 18, 2019

Secret Lover by T. Renee Fike Blog Tour

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Women! Why must everything always be so damn complicated?

Colton had his heart broken in the past and is determined to never let it happen again. After a few dating mishaps, he’s finding it rather difficult to find a woman who is interested in him and not just his money. Deciding to take a break from dating, he meets a girl who isn’t interested in a relationship either.

Tenley has a plan, one which must be followed in a specific order. She’s determined to succeed in life and make her parents proud. Boyfriends were never part of her plan that is until she accomplished her goals. But then things changed. After meeting a guy who appears to be half decent she becomes torn.

Can she hook up with him without getting her feelings involved? Can Colton and Tenley have a future together when their plans are not in sync? Or will the pain from their pasts come back to haunt them both?

Find out in Secret Lover!

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