Saturday, April 13, 2019

Vampire by Blood by Cyndi Faria Release Blitz & Giveaway

USA Today Bestselling Author Cyndi Faria presents the first book in her Faeted Vampire series, Vampire By Blood!
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Necromancy isn’t pretty and Vampires aren’t exactly dead.

USA Today’s Best-Selling Author Cyndi Faria, introduces Vampire by Blood, book one of her new Faeted Vampire series…

When a deceased witch informs Tricia McIntyre she’s a fae princess who’s being hunted by an ancient vampire, she turns to her best friend Sergeant Riley Sweetwater. Problem is, he’s buried in the town cemetery, and she hates him for dying on her. Until she uncovers his secret.

Tricia and Riley were never meant to cross paths after he went dark. Especially since he’s experiencing some kind of immortal transition of his own. But they do, and she’s hunting the same vamp responsible for killing his squad.

Forced together, Tricia’s trying not to kill Riley with her uncontrolled Fae powers, while he’s struggling not to drink her dry. As they must battle their love-hate-lust relationship, they search for the one who holds the secrets to saving humankind before a dark supernatural destroys them all.
She’d appear more threatening if she wasn’t wearing picnic attire. But when she raises her hand, I freeze, quickly deciding she’d be deadly wearing nothing at all. Her beauty—what I’ve glimpsed of it—is as lethal as any weapon. I shouldn’t notice her, but my heart bangs, demanding me to give her a hard glance, as the image of Tricia forms.
I force my legs to stiffen and bite back the shudder of grief-laden desire that races through me. I’m a soldier to the core. I’ve taken an oath to protect my country from otherworldly creatures. But her magic calls to me. Stand your ground, I order myself. Fae are known to mimic their surroundings. This fae is no different. Perhaps, she knows who I am and has disguised herself as Tricia.
“I asked you a question.” Her light blazes and sparks snap around the aura.
So why am I hesitating? I should fire a warning shot. Except, my curiosity worms its way to my index finger, and I ease off the trigger. She could be the last of her immortal kind here on earth, this princess everyone is searching for, and a prize my enemies might trade for information leading me to my missing squad. It’s another way for me to earn General Kane’s respect, so he’ll continue to feed me leads regarding my men.
I scope out the cobwebbed room, sheet-covered furniture, and know without a doubt the owner’s long absent. “The woman who lived here is gone. But how much could your grandmother have mattered to you if you’re learning about her absence from a stranger.”
A second blast explodes from her hand.
Light blisters across my cheek, and suddenly there’s a gaping hole in the wall to my right. The room fills with choking, chalky dust, and I throw my free arm over my mouth and nose in time to see her stagger back and check out her own damn hand. Next, she’s talking to someone at her side, only there’s no one there that I can see. Is she mad or does she have power beyond my understanding? Probably a bit of both, I decide.
“Bullets have no power over me,” she blurts, again checking the space beside her. “Unless you want another, you need to leave now, or start talking fast.”
I pull my brows tight, and every muscle in my hand readies to engage, then I see the red streak leaking down her arm—weakness in her I can use to get myself out of this fix. “It’s your word against mine. How do I know you’re not trespassing?”
Again she pauses, as if listening to the open forest behind her. “This is my family’s property. I’ve alerted the police. They’ll be here any minute.”
“Who’s with you? State your names. Do it now!” I take aim.
“You’re the one who better spill the beans or you’ll end up in worse shape than that wall,” she threatens.
Everything in me is telling me I’m in deep shit. That I should take her out. Except, hiding in the sassy timber of her voice is a thread of something…shaking insecurity…and sweet familiarity. I peer closer, skirting around the crumbled sheetrock that crackles underfoot, as if her very presence is a siren calling the part of me I’ve buried to wake. From what I’ve read, fae cheat, steal, and lie. This creature is no different. “Cell service is dead out here. Lower your hand so we can talk,” I bargain, fearing for my life and the loss the world would have if I’m forced to kill the rare creature.
She cocks her curvy hip. “There’s a bigger liar in this room than me. So tell me how you’re here, alive, when you’re supposed to be dead, Sergeant Riley Sweetwater?”
Two-Time USA Today Bestselling Author Cyndi Faria writes hot, heartwarming contemporary and paranormal romance with twist-turns you’ll never see coming and happily ever after endings you crave.
On and off her sexy romance pages, this California country girl isn’t afraid to dirty her hands caring for rescued fur babies. When Cyndi isn’t spending time with her fictional characters, plotting with fellow authors, or planning her next writing retreat, she’s enjoying her family beach side, walking her furry family members, and gathering ideas for her next novel. And connecting with fans!
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