Friday, July 19, 2013

Review: The King's Mistress by Sandy Blair


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    Book Description:

    The long way home could be the shortest road to ruin.

    The king of Scotland is in a snit. Which means Britt MacKinnon, proud Captain of the King’s Guard, has an onerous task: fetch Alexander’s favorite paramour back to the royal bed—now. Never mind that the crown should be about the business of getting a legitimate heir. Especially since England’s Edward I would love nothing more than to seize an empty Scottish throne.
    When the handsome soldier appears on her doorstep, Geneen Armstrong has to think quickly. Her twin lies abed in her cottage, pregnant with the king’s bastard. If the barren queen learns the truth, the foolish girl’s life won’t be worth a farthing.
    She must somehow transform her graceless, plain-spoken self into her vivacious, talented sister. Then, after the court is convinced she carries no child, use her herbal knowledge to sour the king’s taste for her sister’s company—for good.
    By the time Britt realizes this unusually articulate, ungodly stubborn woman is the wrong woman, tendrils of attraction have already tightened into a bond. A bond that will be tested when the king’s unexpected death puts Scotland’s very destiny at stake—and unleashes an ever-tangling web of court intrigues, secrets…and lies.
    Warning: Men in kilts, Scottish accents and a feisty heroine contained herein. A more perfect historical romance doesnae exist.

    My Review:
     I was really taken with this story.  I mean whats not to like when a handsome soldier comes to retrive the King's mistress back to court only to discover that he has grabbed her twin instead!
    They may look alike, but once you are around Geneen for more than five minutes, you know she is not Greer (the King's Mistress).  As Britt continues to take Geneen to court he falls for her, as much as he disliked her sister and Geneen falls in love with him.
    So this story takes on a journey of love, betrayal, and traveling alone as a lady to find her sister.  Learning other secrets of the court proves somewhat interesting as well.
     But I love how Ms. Blair put so much History and detail into the story.  I loved the extra History lesson, when the king died and they had the funeral and processional.

    If you are a Historical Romance fan, then this book is a definite must!


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