Monday, July 1, 2013

Review: Secret pleasures by Thea Devine


Book Description

Marrying a much older man against her will, innocent Lady Genelle Tisne has little knowledge of true passion . Yet even as she yearns to escape her unfulfilling life, she soon finds herself caught in a scandal that rocks strait-laced London society when her husband is found murdered.
As the prime suspect, Genelle is determined to find the real killer.  She hires enigmatic private investigator Rulan Roak... and is swept into a secret world of forbidden temptations and sensual abandon, where every seduction has its pleasure-and its price.

 My Review:

First, let me say that I spent all day trying to find some graphics I wanted to post for this thread.  But I kept getting distracted.  So I wasted all day, ended up not getting anything done!

Ok,  This book was HOT HOT. and steamy!!  Full of mystery, murder, Sex, Sex and a smidge of romance.
When Genelle's husband is killed she tries to find the murderer and why "he" wanted to frame her.  In the process she finds out about his secret life and how much she truly enjoys sex.  Genelle goes from meek and quiet to demanding and confident.  And finds herself in all kinds of trouble, from being charged (almost) with murder to being trapped in the House of Corrections!
This book was steamy, and did I say HOT!  I put down the book a few times,  I had to cool off you know!!  But this is not for everyone.  If you don't like alot of details of sex or even alot of sex in your stories then this is not for you.  Very super explicit!

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