Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Review: Temporary Arrangement by Karen Erickson

Temporary Arrangement (The Renaldis, #0.5)Amazon
(You can get this Novella for free currently)

Book Description:

 "Look, but don't touch "

"The Renaldis"

Alone and broke, Paige Stewart can t believe her good luck. Who hires a virtual stranger out of a New York City coffee shop to care for their adorable grandson? Apparently Claudia Renaldi does.
Widower Matteo Renaldi isn't pleased that his mother found a replacement nanny so soon after he fired the last one. Yet little Matty takes to Paige like no other nanny before. And Matteo can t deny he s quite taken with her as well. She's beautiful. Sweet. And far, "far" too young for him.
There's something about the gorgeously sexy Matteo that fills Paige with longing to break through his wall of formality and touch his softer side. But no one knows better than she that crushing on her boss is one thing. Acting on those feelings is forbidden. Foolish.
Warning: Sexy, grumpy Italian hero who is determined to keep his walls up. No matter how much his son s sweetly beautiful nanny drives him to distraction.

My Review:

After you read the book description you have pretty much read the book.  Don't get me wrong, its a good story and I was all into it.  But then BAM! the story was over,  because this is just a novella.  If you want the true story you have to buy Tempted by her Boss.
There really isn't much to say for this review.  Good story, super short and that's it.  You actually have to buy the real book to get any story and I am not doing that at this time.  So that is the end of this series for me!  Thanks for a free book!

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