Sunday, September 11, 2016

Alisa's Review: Fang in the Sass by Milly Taiden


Kindle Edition212 pages
Published September 1st 2016 by Latin Goddess Press Inc.

Aria Valderi is a day walker, a vampire that can walk in the sun. Being a descendant of the original queen of the vampires has its perks, but finding out her mate is a wolf shifter isn't one of them. He's insufferable, bossy, and too damn sexy for his own good. 

Trevan Stone knows Aria is his. Unfortunately, his tough little vamp has been wreaking all kinds of havoc and now too many people want her dead. It's going to take more than Trevan can do as a shifter to protect his woman. 

Trevan has a secret. One that could put an end to their future together, but it’s not nearly as big as the one her people have, which could end the future of the entire clan. If he can save her from the vampire council that wants her destroyed, there might be a chance for them to work through their issues. But saving her means giving up the reason for his existence, the drive that has pushed him for the last eighty years. 

Reader Note: If you like violence, off the charts hot sex, humor and roaring fights this is the book for you. This book is all about a sassy plus-sized vampire who knows what she wants and a hot, smooth talking alpha wolf who can't fight his need for her. There is massive use of dirty words, so if you're a prude this is not the book for you. If you like sarcasm and hot sex with no filter, this is just your thing. Enjoy!

So happy to get the latest installment of Sassy from Ms. Taiden. And hot damn! We get Vamps and Wolves together, my favorite type of paranormals.
Sit down, and enjoy this read, it will have you so wrapped up you won't want it to end
So much action, and sexual tension plus build up, it's awesome!
Thank you Ms. Taiden for another Hot & Rockin' book!

*I received my copy in exchange for an honest review

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